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Toshiba Business Phone Systems

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Toshiba Telecom was acquired by Mitel as Toshiba found a hidden 4-9 billion debt in the Toshiba Westinghouse Nuclear Power company. As Toshiba Telecom was also in this Toshiba Division, it was unexpectedly shutdown/sold to Mitel (a business phone competitor).

Mitel is keeping the product alive for some time. IPedge Servers warranties may be extended to 5 years (Dell) and other hardware to 3 years (comes with 2 years).On IPedge you may prepay for up to 3 years of software updates and factory support for new or exisiting systems. Note that CIX updates and factory support are still free.

Mitel says they have no end of life plans in mind. After the first year, Mitel has only discountined or run out of 3 items. These include the 3 rarest cpus: 1) The 100s a stripped down 100 that few ever chose; 2) the original rack model 200 made obsolete by the rack version of the 670; 3) The 1200 cpu for systems over 500 phones. Keep in mind that FCC registered systems like Toshiba CIX/IPe have to supply parts and service for 5 years after end of life dates.

So with Toshiba's product development almost mature under Mitel why would one still consider purchasing a new or used Toshiba system?
+ Five years of support and parts after end of life. With end of life not even on the table yet.
+ A customer already has one or more Toshiba's and wishes to continue.
+ With digital/voip equipment that is the last old-school quality that can last 20 years.
+ Small systems may be dramatically less cost.
+ As of March 2017, the systems were state of the art.
+ Many manufactures of premise equipment may be moving to CLOUD only as it is more profitable for them, so any brand can be a risk.
+ The original Toshiba core development engineers and tech support on long term contract.