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Toshiba Business Phone Systems

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As of 7/1/2017 Toshiba Telecom was acquired by Mitel as Toshiba found a hidden 9 billion debt in the Toshiba Westinghouse Nuclear Power company. As Toshiba Telecom was also in this Toshiba Division, it was unexpectedly shutdown/sold to Mitel (a business phone competitor).

On Aug 3rd, 2018 Mitel announed that Toshiba will be going end of life soon as stock depletes. Tech support and annual maintenance will is currently through 10/31/21.Note that CIX updates and factory support are still free until 10/31/2021.

Toshiba was considered the most hardy brand in the industry with the longest lasting hardware. However, the system also uses licensing to expand the systems. With no guarantees to extend licensing its future for growing companies is in jeopordy. The used market is strong with Toshiba and will be used to grow systems after factory licensing eventually shuts down.

With our 25-30 year Toshiba relationship we should always be able to help Toshiba pbx customers continue. We still have new stock as well as used stock. We also have discounts to move to other brands.