Why authorized matters?

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Why Use an Authorized Dealer?

Parker is authorized/certified in all the brands we sell/have sold. Both for Premise and CLOUD

What is a Authorized Dealer?
Many CLOUDs are sold by call centers strickly on commission with little training and simple get one payment for sign up and their responsibility ends. They tend to promise the moon to gain the sale. Soon after installation you learn the truth.

Almost all premise based telecom brands have an authorized dealer requirements and of course Parker has met/exceeded these. Parker has also been authorized and certifed in our CLOUD products to a higher level and the same folks who sell it can service it the life of the system. This adds many benefits to you the customer:

PSB Authorized CLOUD Benefits
+ PSB is experienced so the same person that sells will generally program, install, and support it.
+ Certifications of sales staff help reducing promising or describing something it is not.
+ Authorized dealers have emergency repair policies set by the manufacturer.
+ Authorized dealers integrity and ethics are monitored.
+ Since we market to our local area we an usually can offer to go on site as needed.
+ Program your system directly without action from the supplier.
+ Have instant availability to additonal phone numbers without inolving the supplier.
+ Provide tech support without involving the supplier.

Premise Benefits
+ PSB is experienced so the same person that sells will generally program and install it.
+ Authorized dealers know the system inside and out.
+ The only ones with access to current firmware, manuals, patches to flagship lines.
+ Have emergency repair policies set by the manufacturer.
+ Are the only ones that have access to the factory warranty.
+ Integrity and ethics are monitored by the manufacturer.
+ Often the only source of legally obtained new product.
+ Stock on hand requirements can help you expand or repair a system quickly.
+ A quota to the dealer requires the dealer to be familiar with the product.
+ Generally must install the system (thus no non-local web sales).
+ Generally NOT allowed to sell new product for resale.
+ The only ones allowed to access factory dealer websites or training of flagship lines.

What are the premise pitfalls of using an un-authorized dealer?

There are dozens of un-authorized dealers in the Bay Area. We poke fun of these as "2 guys and a van." Oddly there are also large companies that don't have quota or money to become an authroized dealer so have no access to warranty, manuals, fresh product, or firmware. Anyone with some phone knowledge can purchase used and often obsolete systems and components and resell them. However, the equipment that is in the used market tends to be old, obsolete, frequently flakey, stolen, or illegally imported from other countries (may or may not be completely compatible). Most of the systems prior to 2022 are not legal to install with the new 2021/2022 e911 laws leaving you open to a hugh liability.

We often have to explain to a new customer that the new system they just purchased is 10 years old. Almost all current products now have serial numbers that are electronically readable. Authorized dealers and the factory can now determine who originally sold the equipment and if it is legal or not. Using any non-legal equipment in your systems voids all warranties as does having an unauthorized company service your system.

Unauthorized dealers have no access to factory tech support, documentation, updates, etc. They often provide out of date solutions, buggy software (since they have no access to corrected software fixes), and lack the training to properly service your equipment. Unauthorized dealers or individuals are unable to add licensing to expand your system beyond its current size and can be potentially found out once this occurs. There is no reliable source for these folks as factory legal department are always closing in on them and their supply chain (the gray market). Often serial numbers are destroyed to protect their source but void your warranties.

Here's a hint. If you see pricing on a web site the odds are your NOT looking at an authorized dealer!.
Almost all telecom manufactures guard their prices and prohibit any posting of pricing beyond a simple example.