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NEC CLOUD Flagship SV9100 SV9300 SV9500 Economy SL2100 NEC SIP Trunks Premise at CLOUD costs Documentation & Downloads

NEC CLOUD Phone Business Skyrockets - NEC gives EOL dates for all NEC Premise Systems

NEC Premise End of Life Announcement

Since Covid the telecom market dynamics have dramatically shifted. During Covid most employees exited the business address and worked from home. Today many are still working from home, and others split their time between home and work. Companies have realized that if not now in the future they will have to support work from home.

While 70 percent of USA business currently have a premise (control box on site), sales last year are almost 90 percent CLOUD. NEC wants to focus its entire effort on the future which is CLOUD.

NEC's Univerge.Blue CLOUD phone system is second to none. Work from anywhere. Always state of the art with new features added constantly. You can also extend your existing NEC's premise phone systems with the marriage of NEC's CLOUD phone system to get the both of both worlds. Each user included several devices (eg deskphone, smart phone app, computer app, cordless) at no extra charge except the device.

PSB enhances the NEC's CLOUD Phone offerings. Free remote programming labor so you never have to do it yourself. We offer better free phones as well as discounts towards better phone models. Sold, designed, programmed, maintained by folks with decades of business phone experience. Saves you from long waits of offshore call centers. We know our customers and how each of their systems are designed to operate. You will have access to the owner most hours of any day. We offer NEC Univerge.BLUE or CLOUD Sip-Trunks (phone service) at month to month the same as 5yr pricing.

Here are some of our favorite PSB NEC Univerge.Blue Cloud phone features:
+ Work from anywhere there is internet or cell phone data.
+ Better free phones or discount towards the best models.
+ you don't even need a physical phone (use computer or cell... careful in CA if make employees use their cell phone as only method).
+ No design/programing/maintenance costs.
+ Most licenses offer a minimum of desk phone, cell app, and computer softphone app.
+ Most licenses offer video conferencing, voice mail, GUI.
+ A direct phone number to each user included.
+ Keep all your existing numbers.
+ Free auto attendant.
+ 10 free multiple caller groups.
+ Free basic ACD call stacking (all agents are busy...)
+ Free Music or Message on Hold.
+ Outside caller speed dials made and listed as extensions.
+ Free company file storage available to your devices.

+ Our most popular licenses include:
++ a dedicated webfax per user with its own phone number
++ SMS texting to/from each user.
++ $10/mo for texting to and from your main number to one or more
++ 100 participant webinar with free recording and text transcription.
++ 200 participant voice conference.
so much more...

NEC is the #1 world wide provider of SMB busines telphone systems and since 2015

As of 3Q2022:
NEC is the #1 world wide leader in SMB (<100 users) Communications.
NEC is the #2 world wide leader in Enterprise (100+ users) Communications.
#1 or #2 in SMB Communications in North America


NEC's Unified Communications with integrated components.

NEC has operated CLOUD systems since the beginning. However, as the market moved towards a complete suite of products NEC found it better to partner with a USA Leader Intermedia. With a significance investment/ownership into Intermedia NEC has helped add new features and take them worldwide. The NEC enhanced flavor is sold as Univerge Blue. NEC just completed merging this cloud package with MS teams (Team phones and video are lacking) and NEC premise systems giving fancy cloud features to premise systems as well as adding to core features. NEC has open up sales in Europe, Australia, and Japan, and some others we not suppose to talk about yet...

PSB was an early adopter of this product line. PSB offers free phones or discounts to premium modles and offers month to month at same prices as term contracts. The free/discounted phones are paid for with 1 years service (even on month to month term - leave early pay 1/12 cost each month short of 1yr). We can do this as we truly beleive you will be with us for a long time.

a) CONNECT: UCaaS including fully integrated enterprise-grade communications, team collaboration, online meeting, and file sharing. All accessible thorugh select NEC non proprietary desk phones (as well as select poly and yealink) and easy to use mobile and deskphone apps.

b) ENGAGE: CCaaS (aka "Call Center / ACD") designed to scale from the simple, single channel small business to the most sophisticated, large, omni-channel environment. Offered either integrated with UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT or "over the top" for existing NEC PBX.

c) MEET: HD Video Conferencing, Collaboration, and Webinar. (comes standard with most seats) Stand-alone and online meeting with screen share, remote control, recordign, Outlook, Teams and G Suite integration and Aritfical Intelligence integration for meeting transcription, key word detection and search and action item capture.

d) SHARE: File sync, share and backup with antivirus. (comes standard with most seats) Easily save, sync and share files from any device with built-in to mitigate any data loss situation that might occur.


NEC Flagship Premise Phone System: SV 9100s 9100e 9300 9500

EOL last sold: 12/31/24 last support 3/31/26

This is the system that beats the competion and made NEC the number one telecom supplier. It comes in 4 sizes from 1 phones to 190,000 phones. Its offering is deep and wide allowing you to get what you want now and in the future. It phones can exclusively VoIP, SIP, Digital, Analog or in any combination as you need it.

It can be configured with almost any dialtone supply method including PRI, SIP-Trunks, T1, POTs, and Centrex, We can also provide NEC SIP-Trunk phone service to give you 1 stop and very low cost in dialtone service. NEC Sip Trunks in Conjunction with a new NEC phone system (or upgrade) are one of the few legal solutions of premise to be installed that meet the new 2021/2022 e911 laws. Ask.


NEC Value Leader Premise Phone System: SL 2100

EOL last sold: 12/31/24 last support 3/31/26

Are you on a tight budget, have simpler needs, and want a quality product? NEC's SL2100 system can offer more than you think possible for a price less that is easier to swallow. Although the sweet spot is a dozen phones or less, the system can be pushed to 112 phones. Phones can be a mixture of VoIP, Digital, SIP, Analog, Corldess, Wireless, Cell-Apps. We can show you custom quotes side by side between the SV9100s/SV9100e and the SL2100 to help you choose wisely.


NEC/NUSO SIP-Trunk Phone Service from PSB

NEC offers its low cost SIP-Trunk dialtone. NEC is so confident that you will stay with their SIP service they require no contracts, no money down, and no term agreements are required. Also NEC has no line/path minimum . Note that line/paths refer to simultanous calls and that any/line path can be any delivering or using any of the phone numbers in your inventory. Get a free phone number for every path, and add just a 53 cents for additonal numbers. Tolls are free to 48 states.


Lease your NEC premise system to get CLOUD like payments

One dirty secret about any CLOUD system is that you pay for the system every 3 to 5 years. Are you in for the long term? If so consider leasing your NEC premise system to get CLOUD like payments but after a few years you just pay for dialtone at a substantial discount from the overall CLOUD payment. The larger the system the more you save.


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