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NEC Business Phone Systems

Flagship SV9100 SV9300/SV9500 Economy SL2100 NEC CLOUD NEC Rental vs Clouds NEC SIP Trunks Documentation & Downloads

NEC is the #1 world wide provider of busines telphone systems

NEC has been the #1 world wide provider of business telphones. NEC has been #2 in the USA business telephone system market as well.

NEC Flagship Premise Phone System: SV 9100s/9100e/9300/9500

This is the system that beats the competion and made NEC the number one telecom supplier. It comes in 4 sizes from 3 phones to 190,000 phones. Its offering is deep and wide allowing you to get what you want now and in the future. It phones can exclusively VoIP, SIP, Digital, Analog or in any combination as you need it. The application suites were developed in the USA for culture, understanding, quality, and pride in a polished product.

It can be configured with almost any dialtone supply method including PRI, SIP-Trunks, T1, POTs, and Centrex, We can also provide NEC SIP-Trunk phone service to give you 1 stop and very low cost in dialtone service.

NEC SL 2100 - The value leader

Are you on a tight budget, have simpler needs, and want a quality product? NEC's SL2100 system can offer more than you think possible for a price less that is easier to swallow. Although the sweet spot is a dozen phones or less, the system can be pushed to 112 phones. Phones can be a mixture of VoIP, Digital, SIP, Analog, Corldess, Wireless, Cell-Apps. We can show you custom quotes side by side between the SV9100s/SV9100e and the SL2100 to help you choose wisely.

NEC SIP-Trunk Phone Service from PSB

NEC offers its low cost SIP-Trunk dialtone. NEC is so confident that you will stay with their SIP service they require no contracts, no money down, and no term agreements are required. Also NEC has no line/path minimum . Note that line/paths refer to simultanous calls and that any/line path can be any delivering or using any of the phone numbers in your inventory. Get a free phone number for every path, and add just a 53 cents for additonal numbers. Tolls are free to 48 states.


NEC offers CLOUD service from 1 to unlimited phones. We lean toward the NEC phones but can often accodate other brands/models you had from a previous unhappy provider relationship.

NEC RENTAL Premise Rental (The best of Premise and Cloud)

NEC is unique in offering a brand new flagship premise VoIP system with the same money/terms of a typical Cloud System. Things like No Money Down, Phone Service Included, Warranty through term. You have no annual maintenance costs to worry about and receive many licensed features free. Premise also overcomes many of the weaknesses of the CLOUD model.

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