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Economy SL2100 Systems

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sv2100's can now BRIDGE NEC Univerge CLOUD features

What this means is that you can add cool features of NEC's Univerge Blue CLOUD system to enhance your SV9100 premise system. This includes:
* Mobile App that thinks it is your your sv9100 phone
* Video Conferencing and Screen share
* Team Chat
* File Collaboration
* Desktop App to control your phone and dial numbers on websites

NEC Business SL 2100 Phone System Platforms:
New in 2017. Actively in Development in 2023, planned to 2030.

The SL series is a modular premise based system that can be any mixture of VoIP, Smart Phone, Wifi, Wireless, Digital, and Analog endpoints with your choice of dialtone. It was a moderanization with significant enhancements of the previous NEC SL100 system. The SV series is NEC's value-based product. If you can't afford NEC's flagship product (SV 9100/9300/9500) systems), NEC offers the SL2100 system solution.

The SL2100 is a very powerful and capable system but does not offer as many options and depth as its big brother. You should always request us to offer side by side quotes of SL2100 and the SV9100 models if you are tempted by the SL2100 economy. Under a dozen phones is the typical sweetspot for the SL2100. The SL2100 can be pushed to up to a maximum of 112 phones (112 VoIP, 72 digital, 96 analog, 6 doorphones, 12 60-button consoles).

The SL2100 has a "non blocking" design that says everything may be in use at the same time. VoIP devices (phones and SIP-Trunks, networking, etc.) up to 128 are connected to the CPU card while digital phones, PRI-Trunks, POTs-Trunks are connected by cards in slots (4min to 9-12 max).

PSB will configure at least 1 SIP trunk to meet USA required Ray Baum.

Ray Baum since Feb 2022 says that the system must be able to tell e911 the foor or building of a 911 call (dispatchable location). PSB can also offer NEC dialtone for this or all the systems dialtone at a low price with no term.

The SL2100 inlcudes a minimum of 8 VoIP connections. We will reserve one of these for the required Ray Baum e911 requirements for all new system sales/install/major upgrades.

The SL 2100 System (first cabinet shown):

Base Cabinet: Wall/opt Rack. The base cabinet includes:
+ Cabinet,Power Supply.

+ CPU:
  ++ Voice Mail:
    +++ 2 hours of storage. Expandable to 15 or 128 hours.
    +++ 4 ports (4 calls at a time). Expandable to 16.
    +++ 128 subsriber mailboxes. See Voice Mail Section Below.

  ++ 8 VoIP Connections (eg SIP Trunk or VoIP on/off premise phones) expansable to 128 ports.
  ++ 4 Mobile Extension Licensed.

+ Expansion Slots (4 per cabinet):
  ++ Station Card: 8 digital / 2 analog. Each has room for 1 CO card. Not valid in slot 4.
  ++ Station Card: 8 analog. Each has room for 1 CO card. Any slot.
  ++ CO base card. Allows 1 CO modules. Only where more CO cards than station cards.

+ CO Cards:
  ++ 3 POTs/Centrex Lines. Attach to station cards, 1 per slot. Max 12.
  ++ 1 PRI/T1 circuit. Attach to station cards, 1 per slot. Max 1 per cabinet.
  ++ 1-64 SIP-Trunk Channels. License to CPU or CPU VoIP Card.

Expansion Cabinets (2 Max):
+ Cabinet, Power Supply, 4 expanson slots.

  + 4-way Music on Hold connection:
    Upload a library of 4-minute tracks and choose just 1 to play at a time.
    Play an internal piano like melody.
    Use an external Player via MOH port on 8/2 station card.
    Internal Beep-Beep tones (not suggested).
  + Overhead page output connection via 8/2 station card.

Phones for the SL2100 System

NEC manufactures it own phones. There are only a handfull of telecom companies who still do this. This allows a much more polished and powerful phone than most other brands that offer a lowest common denomiator generic phone with no custom hooks for a particular brand.

IP Self Labeling IP Self Labeling Digital 24 button Digital 12 button
Display 3x28 & 8 DesiLess 3x28 & 8 DesiLess 3x24 3x24
Back-Light Color Yes Yes Yes
Programmable Keys 8+8+8+8 8+8+8+8 24 12
Soft Keys 4 4 4 4
Speakerphone Full-DuplexFull DuplexFull Duplex
Fixed Keys 11+CursorPad11+CursorPad9+CursorPad 9+CursorPad
Power POE POE System System
Network GB GB Digital Digital
Headset jack yes yes Optional Optional
Max 128 128 72 72
Warranty 2 years 5 years 5 years 5 years
Migration to 9100 no no no

Smart Phone App Wireless 60 button Panel DoorPhone
Max 8 in use/AP 4ph/12sys 6
Warranty n/a 1 year 5 year 2 year

Wireless Phones Single Line Multi-Line Multi-Line Healthcare
opt Headset Bluetooth no yes yes
opt Headset USB-C no yes yes
opt Headset USB-C no yes yes
opt Warranty 2 year 2 year 2 year
Migration to 9100 to 9100 to 9100

Note: The system may also be licensed for 3rd party SIP phones. This could include phones from a previous non-NEC system using generic phones. It may also be configured for analog phones.

Video Phone

SL2100 Voice Mail

Every SL2100 system includes 4 port (simulataneous call at one time) voice mail with 2 hours of storage. Note that most voice mail messages are under 1 minute. It provides:
+ 128 subscriber mailboxes.
+ 32 routing mailboxes.
+ 32 group mailboxes.
+ 16 virtual extensions.
+ Cascading Message Notification.
+ Find-Me/Follow-Me.
+ Park and Page,
+ Automatic access to voice mail via caller-id.
+ Security Code.
+ Message Notification Queing.
+ Hotel/Motel Features: Messages, Greetin, Name, and security code reset upon check-in
+ Optional SD Cards allow 25 additional 25 languages and up to 100 Voice Response System messages.
* Maximum of 4 minute messages.

15 hour upgrade Expands the free voice mail to 15 hours and up to 25 languages.
120 hour upgrade Expands the free voice mail to 120 hours and up to 25 languages.
Email/Text Notification upgrade Adds notifying by email or SMS Text messaging.
16 port upgrade Expands the system to 16 simultaneous voice mail calls.

Dialtone Options

We strongly suggest you ask us about dialtone choices. Also we may be able to help you select a quality supplier, avoid sneaky term agreements, pitfalls, delays, and negotiate a lower price.

2021 Ray Buam Law reguires at least 1 sip trunk (for e911) if fresh install or new system if require dispatchable location.

SIP Trunk Channel The newest and often most inexpensive phone service.
  + 1-64 channels licensed to CPU or CPU-VoIP card. Allow direct dial numbers and multiple outbound caller-id numbers.

PRI/T1 Trunks The historical best in business phone service.
  + up to 23 channels per PRI card. Max 1 per cablinet. Allow direct dial numbers and multiple outbound caller-id numbers.

POTs POTS ("plain old telephone service" including Centrex) in 3-line increments.

Meet the SL2100 Options

Bridge to NEC's CLOUD Univerge Blue systems Add CLOUD features to premise phone. Also mix CLOUD and Premise users.

ACD Adds 8 ACD groups with a maximum of 128 agents.

ACD Real-Time Status and ReportingAdd reporting and visual status to your system.

Call Accounting Reports for all incoming and outgoing calls. Trunk utilzation. PC required.

Call Recording Per phone and optional central access to all.

Remote Conference Bridge Concurant Seats

Browswer Based GUI Buddy List w/ Presence, Phone Control, Call History, Email/Instant Messaging, Vid Conferenceing.

Web Video Conference Additioanl per party licensing past 4 included.

Network mulitple NEC sites together - up to 50.

1hr NEC Battery Backup Keep runing during power failures or gliches. Extra protection for your database and system.

Hotel/Motel Package Choice of Internal PMS system or connects to external system. Up to 64 rooms.

Encription for VoIP Phones Most VoIP phones the conversation can be extracted from the network.

In-Dect Access Point Manager for Cordless NEC phones and associated DECT Access Points.

In-Guard Toll Fraud realtime protection.

SL2100 Warranty

All SL2100 Control Equipment, most Key Telephones and DSS Consoles have a 5 year warranty.

Cables, Call Logging Units, Doorbox, color Desi-Less VoIP phone, and Wireless Headset Adapters (SHA) have a 2 year warranty.

Cordless DECT Telephones, DTL-RPT-2 Repeaters, DTR-1-1/DTR-1-1HM type analog single line thelphones and the AP20/ML440 Wireless equipment have a 1 year warranty.