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NEC Lease Program

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In California a Telecom lease starts at only $5,000

note a credit card can often help with <$5,000

PSB and NEC can provide custom lease terms. However, that being said most do a $1 buyout (you own at end of term) with a term of 1,3,5 years).

What can we custom:
* Term length ~1-7 years.
* $1 vs fair market buyout (can be tax advantage)
* Down payement of zero, 1 or 2 payments in advance, fixed value
* delayed payment at start of lease.
* Ask

Common pitfalls in leasing. Let us help you avoid them.

* Personal Guarantee (owner on hook if company defaults)
* Completion of lease hidden and you keep paying (can't get back)
* Fair Market Leasings request too much to keep system after term
* Some fees can be legit but excessive (doc fee, insurance, property tax, sales tax)