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Upgrade Your Existing Toshiba System

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Toshiba's successful strategy has been to offer a phone system that is "green" with both forward and backwards compatibility. This allows upgrade options to be tailored to your needs, both business and financial. Parker Communications has been an authorized Toshiba Dealer for over 25 years. Key employees have been servicing Toshiba since the late 1980s. Most of the systems from the 80's and 90's have been updated with more modern systems. With Toshiba's famous reliability, most systems are replaced to introduce more modern features as compared to old age failure. Many thrifty companies still use their early, faithful Toshiba systems.

Expanding or upgrading your Toshiba system is easy from 1991 to date. From the simplicity of adding a phone to doubling the size of your current system we can help. We can often help with earlier than 1991 models as well.

Upgrading a Toshiba system is often a very wise decision. Simply give a call to determine what you have to work with and we can give no pressure suggestions of where you can go. Toshiba lasts the longests, and has fantastic migrations options. 1991+ phones run on used current model systems. 1982 + phones run on 2000 era systems. We can migrate a 1990 system into a current model often by just replacing the cabinet and cpu card.

GREAT NEWS: Toshiba has server refresh programs to modernize your system without starting over.

Have a post milenium Toshiba Traditional CIX/CTX Telephone System?

CTX100/670 with Smart Media Card on CPU can be updated to version 3.10, MK063 (about 2006 feature set)
CIX40/100/200/670/1200 with Secure Digital Card (200 uses Smart Media) on CPU can be updated to current levels.

A secure digital based 2007+ CPU (except CIX200 CPU) is required for lastest software, any brand new replacement voice mail. We can do this with a new or used cpu (the rest of the system stays the same). Click this link to see some more advantages to upgrading a CPU with Smart Media to a CPU with Secure Digital.

Have an older Toshiba Telephone System?

Give us a call. The Toshiba factory actively supports their telecom products for 7 years (or more). Beyond that, a few of the older dealers (like Parker Communications) support the officially out of support systems as knowledge, parts, demand, and documentation are available.

Older Toshiba Basic Guidelines:

Note: Many Toshiba systems have a mixture of phone types:

ELECTRONIC (HOLD key not RED in color) 1981-early 90's.
Modernize with equipment up to 2001 era
DIGITAL (HOLD key RED in color) 1992+
Modernize to current system
VoIP (HOLD key RED in color AND 2 8-wire PC & LAN jacks)
Modernize to current system

Inexpensive upgrades to your existing Toshiba system provide new features:

Toshiba 1993-2001 systems may have chip upgrade available. Call for availability and pricing. Toshiba systems 2002 to today have free software updates available from Parker Communications. You pay for installation labor only which is typically an hour or two.

Parker upgrade rule #1: Do your Toshiba Phones have a red or gray HOLD button?

Red: Phone(s) are 1992 or newer that are digital or VoIP and can be placed on any new Toshiba system.

Gray: Phone(s) are 1991 or older that are electronic and cannot be placed on a new Toshiba digital or VoIP system. However, you still have the option of expanding your system with new (as inventory exists) and refurbished, out of production parts.

Quickie Phone System Quote:
Our sales engineers can often provide a quick ballpark quote with just a simple phone call. We may be able to access your Toshiba equipment remotely to find the information needed to determine the proper upgrade path. A few simple questions later and you will have a pretty good idea what options are possible and what the costs might be.

Site Survey:
For more serious shoppers and larger systems, we offer on-site visit(s) to existing or new locations to determine cabling, space, and communication requirements. A more complete evaluation can lead to a better upgrade plan.

Let us help you understand what you have and what you can do with it. We can explore using the equipment you have to better suit your needs, adding features that will help your image or bottom line, give you peace of mind, and choose the best upgrade path if necessary.

Are you getting the most out of your Toshiba equipment? Let us retrain your workers with information they forgot or never received.

Non-Toshiba Upgrades:
Recently many businesses have been tempted by cheap or "free" internet phone systems. They often have Polycom VoIP SIP endpoints (telephone sets). Now that you have determined why these systems were cheap or "free" and you need a solution that can actually keep you in business, let us help you. By popular demand Toshiba has allowed much of the Polycom telephone set line to be attached to the Toshiba system. This can save you significant money in not having to replace your telephone sets. These sets can attach and function well with the Toshiba systems. However, you should know that Toshiba endpoints (telephone sets) usually offer a lot more features. The good news is that you can keep the Polycom sets for simple uses and accommodate power users with Toshiba phones.

Toshiba Models and Timeline:

  • 1978: Strata III
  • 1982: Strata VI
  • 1983: Strata S, XII, XX
  • 1986: Strata Se, Vie, XIIe, XXe
  • 1989: Strata DK24
  • 1990: Strata DK56, DK96
  • 1991: Strata DK24r3, Dk56r3, DK96r3
  • 1992: Strata DK16, DK24r4, DK56r4, DK96r4, digital phones
  • 1993: Strata DK8, DK280
  • 1994: Strata DK280r2, ACD, MIS
  • 1996: Strata DK16e, DK280r3
  • 1997: Strata DK14, DK40, DK424,Stratagy DK VM
  • 1998: Strata DK424r4
  • 1999: Strata DK40i, VoIP, INSIGHT, Stratagy FLASH VM
  • 2000: Strata DK424i
  • 2001: Unified Messaging
  • 2002: Strata CTX100, CTX670, ACD, TASKE, NetPhone GUI,ies32 VM,IVP8-VM
  • 2003: Strata SoftIPT (PDA or laptop phone), BIPU VoIP
  • 2004: Strata CTX28, CIX100s, Rack Base CIX 670, Free CTX to CIX,IVP-8r2
  • 2005: Strata CIX200, CIXr4, LIPU VoIP (2nd generation VoIP),ies16,MAS-1U
  • 2006: Strata Video Conferencing, CIX40, 2U MAS
  • 2007: SIP phones, Simultaneous Ring, MMAS
  • 2008: CIX 1200, MIPU (3rd generation VoIP), Sip Trunking, 5000 Series phones
  • 2009: Stratagy View UM Client, Strata Messaging Voice Mail
  • 2010: Strata Meeting Conference Bridge
  • 2011: 3 Low cost VoIP Phone Models, IPedge VoIP Models,ies16XPe
  • 2012: IPedge r1.1, r1.2, r1.3, r1.4 VIPedge CLOUD PBX, iPhone and Android Apps
  • 2013: Ipedge r1.5, CIX Application Server
  • 2014 Toshiba becomes phone service (dialtone) provider (for Toshiba systems only)
  • 2015 Toshiba moves ACD from auxilary server onto IPedge server. VMware systems.
  • 2016 CLOUD licensing (change hardware, keep licensing), ACD functions to cell apps, Free Call Accounting, Free Conf Bridge
  • 2017 Toshiba Westinghouse Nuclear Power finds 4-9 Billion dollar loss. Telecom is in same divisions and is sold off to Mitel
  • 2018 Mitel sells Toshiba telecom product line "business as usual". Everything available.