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CIX Systems: The standard apps are usually free. The deluxe ones have license fees and include ACD support and integration with CRM software like Saleforce, etc. Five flavors are currently supported:

CIX: These requires a modern CPU (2007+). You may upgrade the CPU in most cases if earlier. These require an IPedge Application-Server (Strata Messaging can also do IP-Mobility). Note the IPedge ES Application server can only do the standard level.

IPedge and VIPedge

These have the required voice mail for the above apps. Note The IPedge ES phone system is limited to the standard app.

Music/Messages on Hold

Toshiba offers 15 MOH/Message tracks. You can select a moh source by telephone line, by number called on PRI/SIP phone service, or by ACD group. Our customers have access to our professional recording studio vendor at our wholesale prices to create a real slick message.

CIX: Includes one page source jack. Analog ports or I/O cards can add up to a total of 15 sources. Each source requires an external player. We offer a profession player that uses a jump drive to load an .mp3 file into memory or diret from jump drive playback.

IPedge or VIPedge: Included. Use the defaults or upload your own custom tracks.

ACD - All agents are busy, Please stand by and your call will be answered in the order received...

Call Center(s) exist in many companies. A Call Center application is used when you have a group of outside callers who wish to wait for an individual or next available agent instead of going to voice mail. The typical greeting on an ACD (Automated Call Distribution) is "We’re sorry, all agents are busy. Please hold and your call will be answered by the next available agent."

The ACD is the heart of a Call Center. It keeps track of the incoming calls and how to present those calls to busy individuals or groups. It handles everything from the simplest first in/first out cases to the more complex application where priority is given to VIP customers. Toshiba’s ACD can be as simple or as powerful as any in the industry. Toshiba’s advanced (enhanced agents) are just a bit more expensive than the standard agent so usually we just include it. Toshiba systems are server based (You may use your own dedicated server or share the Toshiba MAS Voice Mail Server). Pricing is based on the number of possible agents (starts at 10 agents, 1 supervisor) and NOT on the number of groups (Toshiba has unlimited groups).

Toshiba’s ACD reporting (reports, statistics, etc) is optional and priced separately. Toshiba has an relationship with worlkd class supplier of ACD reporting (Taske). Introductory pricing promos often exist. Ask your Parker sales engineer.

ACD Call Feature Highlights:

  • Up to 350 Agents per site, 700 overall.
  • Up to 128 group
  • Each Agent/Supervisior may log into unlimited multiple groups.
  • Agent Search Methods: Linear, Round Robin, Longest Idle, Balanced Call Count, Agent Priority.
  • Announcements: Initial, delay1, delay2. (play once or repeat at intervals).
  • Music on Hold (up to 15 tracks).
  • Options for real time call back
  • choices while waitin in queue (keep waiting, automatic call back in turn, voice mail
  • Fail-safe's: Overflow timers and destinations, no-answer agent advance, closed routing, etc.
  • Agent Features: log in/out, un-available/available, wrap up timer with cancel,
    group pick up, supervisor help, auto answer with zip, agent scripting, etc.
  • Supervisor Features: includes call monitoring, queue alarms, etc.
  • Includes: Toshiba NetPhone Graphical user interface (GUI) with CHAT, screen pops.
  • Caller choices: You can choose from: hear average wait time; hear how many people
    are ahead of you; have multiple chances to a) wait for agent, b) get a callback when
    their turn comes up, or c) to leave a message.

  • Optional Customer Web Site "Call Me" Button: (try clicking the "Have us call you" above)
  • Optional Custom Factory Expansion: Custom IVR for credit card, account number, etc.

  • Overhead Paging

    CIX platforms: All include one page output. However, in may cages it is better to use an add-on that looks like a digital phone but adds ring tones (You can use 1 device to ring 8 different ring-tones to one page system). This device also adds call-forward upon no answer capabilites that the built in one does not offer.

    IPedge and VIPedge: Require a SIP based page gateway.

    Call Recording

    All Toshiba voice mails in the last 10 years offer a free manual feature (press a button to begin/end or another button to pause). On an extension by extension basis you can send to a pre-programmed mailbox or enter a desired mailbox each time. This free feature is like water under a bridge, once the conversation is passed you can not record it.

    For recording every call or selected calls by criteria a larger recording system is required. While many say they are compatable recording Toshiba calls only one brand currently has a partner relationship to tag into the prioprietary data stream that separates recording toys from a professional recording system. This is especially true when you go to find a specific call without knowing the exact details of time and extensions(s) involved. This also makes "craddle to grave recording possilble (listening to a single recording of the the entire call, while seing graphically the different parties involved (transferred calls).