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Current Toshiba Phone Systems

Toshiba Home CIX Traditional Digital/VoIP IPedge Premise VoIP VIPedge CLOUD VoIP

Parker Communications is proud to offer Toshiba products exclusively. Toshiba's line of telecommunication products is flexible, powerful, broad, reliable, feature rich, and long lasting.

Toshiba has 3 families of phone systems:

System Type Owner Max Size TDM VoIP Networking
CIX On premise Customer 1000 per site Yes Yes opt
IPedge On premise Customer 1000 per site No Yes opt
VIPedge In the Cloud Service 500 users No Yes free

All 3 systems network to dozens of any model Toshiba

All are current and will continue to evolve.

We are Authorized and Certified to sell all of these!

We were also one of first BETAs for each of these systems when they were introduced.

Which product is right for you?
With the launch of VIPedge, Toshiba will be carrying and supporting three separate and complimentary product lines: CIX, IPedge and VIPedge.

CIX 40, 100, 200, 670, 1200:Strata CIX40, CIX100, CIX200, CIX670 and CIX1200 systems continue to provide excellent converged solutions for customers who want a mix of IP, digital, and analog endpoint devices connected to their system along with IP telephony applications. IPedge and Strata CIX solutions can also work together as networked systems. TDM Digital phones can operate on most all levels of existing cabling.

Comes with 2 year on-site warranty (5 & 7year optional factory parts warranties available). Free updates just requireing a little labor to install. Base systems have NO annual maintenance fees. CIX Details: (click for more info):

IPedge EP, EM, EC:IPedge is a software centric platform designed for customers who want to deploy on an all IP network infrastructure to realize the savings of managing a single network.The IPedge user experience is similar to a high end implementation of CIX with several external servers. The IPedge 1U servers are capable of 40, 200, or 1000 users. This single linux based server combines the features of the Strata CIX PBX, Strata Messaging Voice Mail, Stata Call Manager GUI, and Strata Meeting Audio and Web Conferencing. This allows you access to many large system features in a smaller priced system. IPedge and Strata CIX solutions can also work together as networked systems.

Comes with 1 year of hardware and software support. Systems require annual software maintenance fees with multi-year discounts. IPedge Details: (click for more info):

VIPedge:The VIPedge is an IPedge that is hosted on the CLOUD instead of owning your own hardware. Sizing is from 1 to 500 users. Provisions to convert to IPedge if desired. 24 month minimum term and has no annual maintenance fees. Phones are sold at a amazingly low price as they sold like cell phones with a contract. VIPedge Details: (click for more info):

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