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Toshiba IPedge Family of Telephone Systems:

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Good Fit Indicators: Best fit are for sites with modern data cabling, ideally with 2 separate data cables for voice and data, all terminated on patch panels at the server end. Existing customers with Toshiba VoIP phones or those wanting the long term future choice. Long term ownership usually is less expensive than equilalent CLOUD systems. If you fear hackers toying with internet delivery or had bad CLOUD delivery experince this premise based VoIP system is safer.

IPedge Family: Toshiba offers 3 IPedge systems which share the same software feature set but differ mostly in their maximum configuration size. The family members overlap in sizing and use a license strategy where capacity and features are unlocked as you need them. This allows you to grow without having to pay for growth until you need it.

IPedge Classes: Toshiba has 4 IPedge phone system classes to fit your needs:

Feature ES EP EC EM
Number of Lines 4-12 3-30 12-96 16 to 440
Number of EndPoints 8-24 6-40
24-200P 32-1000
Voice Mail Boxes 8-120 6-1000 24-5000 32-10000*
Simultaneous Voice Mail Calls 4-8 4-8 6-32 8-80
Meet-Me Audio n/a 4-20 24-200 4-100
Max PC/Mac/SmartPhone/Tablet Users 8-24* 40 200 1000

Toshiba IPedge Family Brochure

Server Choices: Toshiba has several servers choices for each class:

Class Server Windows Partition ACD Ready Windows Partition ACD Raid
ES Intel NUC n/a n/a n/a
EP Dell 9020m opt W7 opt W7 n/a
EC Dell R220 opt W7/2012 opt W7/2012 Opt Raid-1
EM Dell R430 opt W7/2012 opt W7/2012 Opt Raid-5
EP,EC,EM VMware n/a n/a n/a

100% VoIP:The IPedge is a 100% VoIP based system. We can add Toshiba approved SIP based gateways to add analog or PRI phone service as well as Analog Phone connections. We use a Toshiba CIX phone system to be the gateway to Toshiba digital phones if desired. While physical installation are trivial compared to traditional PBX installs the extra programing labor offsets for the extra options available.

Runs under VMware: EP/EC/EM IPedges are installed under VMware host so that other partitions can be availbe instead of requiring separate physical servers. Toshiba also sells a software only versions of EP/EC/EM for certified VMware servers. So the traditional role of Toshiba Multimedia/ACD or Application Servers can be acheived on the base EP/EC/EM IPedge hardware which has extra performance headroom to run these additional tasks. A single browser based administration tool programs all the server applications.

Operation System: IPedge runs under a hardened LINUX system. Several other sub-systems co-exist (eg. Call Accounting, NetServer, UCedge, etc.). Certain applications requires Winddows 7 or Windows server 2012 which run in additonal VMware partitions simultaneously.

Parker has IPedge experience! Parker was in the second group of 10 to Beta the IPedge. Parker was the first dealership to become PLATINUM for Sales Training and the first dealership to become certified at the top technical level. Parker has done Beta on almost every revision since and keeps pulse on the future roadmap.

Class Migration Customers can upgrade to a larger CLASS size (eg EP --> EC).

Server MigrationToshiba to date has offered a fantastic migration from older models (eg MAS / MMAS / ACD / TASKE) and servers (CIX / Branded EP/EC/EM) to the current program and server. Be sure to ask your Parker Rep if you have an existing system.

Factory Maintance Suggested! Toshiba and Parker strongly recommend customers keep factory maintenance for software updates as most machines are exposed to the internet for browser access and smart phone apps. All models come with 1 year pre-paid. Keep the hackers at bay and enjoy new features and the optomization of existing ones. The labor cost to perform most updates are an hour or less. Annual Maintenance Discounts increase with pre-payment to a maximum of 5 years. Parker often prices in 5 years initially when not competing on dollars as highest priority.

Licensing:. Toshiba offers both an on-line licensing method (requires a public-IP/Internet Access) or an added cost dongle based method. Toshiba licensing currently does not expire.

Network with other Toshiba SystemsToshiba CIX, IPedge, and VIPede COULD systems all network with each other. Tie over 500 systems together into 1 big system with 3000/6000 direct dialed extensions or 500,000* (*theorical) using site codes and extensions.