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Toshiba VIPedge CLOUD based Phone System

VIPedge Overview:

General Description 10/13 User Guide 04/13

Toshiba's VIPedge cloud-based business telephone solution is designed for organizations needing robust unified communications features without having to own and maintain a telephone system.

VIPedge offers a solution a solution alternative to buying a telephone system. Customers pay a recurring monthly service fee, based upon size and usage, instead of purchasing or leasing the telephone system.

The VIPedge business solution provides the same industry-leading, feature-rich functionality as an on-premise Toshiba IPedge business telephone system. The VIPedge phones will be the envy of the cloud phone systems.

The VIPedge is a complete business telephone system with Voice Mail with Unified Messaging, Mobility, and Call Manager (PC GUI provides presence, IM/Chat, call control from your PC, and iPhone and Android Cell Phone Apps).

For your success Toshiba desires your Internet to be Business Quality (T1s, Business Class Cable, Metro Ethernet or Better - No DSLs). However, we have used some DSL's successfully (Depends on your distrance from the Telco, speed, number of users, shared with QOS router, or 2nd DSL just for the CLOUD, etc.) Toshiba also desires they supply the edge router for this Internet connection (if you share it with data) and that the customer LAN passes a network assessment (free).

VIPedge Monthly Costs *

Standard User: $14.99
Channel (phone line)**: $29.98 Each line adds 1200 free Minutes**
Auto Attendant (Extra Phone number or Toll Free Number. Also adds a Mailbox): $4.99 Toll free numbers bill at $0.39 cents per minute.
DID for future: $0.75 So you can port or get a block of sequential numbers and keep some for the future.
Term:24 months minimum then month to month
Note: Term is on the system itself. Adding or Subtractings phones or lines does not renew the term!
Minimum size: 1 users and 3 phone line(s). Note that Toshiba gives 1 "free bursting" channels so even a 1 line system can handle 2 calls.

** If you every exceed an average over 1200 minutes per trunk your trunks are reclassified "Call Center" Channels and are billed per minutes (1200 minutes are still free) at .019 cents local/long distance and .039 cents toll free. Note that Toshiba has not yet charged for calls over 1200 minutes yet.

Why the Toshiba CLOUD is better

Toshiba is a $75 Billion dollar company has been in the USA Business Telecom Market since the 1960s. We are a full featured business telephone system. We offer the power of traditional PBXs and feature rich Key-Hyrid systems. This experience and feature sets is vastly superior to the stripped down simple VoIP offerings of most VoIP or CLOUD systems on the market.

Toshiba's CLOUD systems are in the highest quality data center managed by Toshiba (not a local dealer in his local server room).

We use Megaco instead of SIP (Skinny IP). This allows us to bring you 20 feature keys on top of 10 fixed keys and 4 soft keys. Toshiba's phones electronicly label the 10+10 feature keys. Compare this to most SIP phones that typicaly only have 2 to 6 buttons that offer striped down features and requires use of menus or feature codes to do the simplest things.

Our phones are far superior than most CLOUD Phones. Many CLOUD systems use generic phones made by other companies. Toshiba phones are just for Toshiba and our CLOUD models are Toshiba's Flagship phones. With the required 2yr term you get these phones substantially below their normal cost (sort of like cell phones on contract). Are phones have a headset port with electronic hookswitch control (no robots or lifting the reciever out of the cradle when using a headset). 2 of 3 models are backlit. All include a QOS VLAN switch in the bottom for 1 wire to the desk options. 2/3 models allow 1 or 2 10-button add-on modlues with electronic labeling and backlight. Our phones opperate on POE or an inexpensive ($6.50) power brick. All our Full Duplex Speakerphones and offer compressed or noncompressed speach (suggested). Our phones display are large ( over 3 x 4 inches) and very easy to read and offer a loud ringing external ringing option and can act as an input for an overhead paging system. The speakers of all or any idle phones in your system can be used to replace or extend an overhead paging system. Our phones offer handsfree answering and on hook dialing. They include a tilt stand and are also wall mountable at no extra cost. Not to mention they are built to last and feel good in your hand.

Toshiba is fair! We do NOT renew your term every time you make a change to your system! You can downsize to 1 phone and 1 line ($45/mo). If you ever leave Toshiba you can take your phone numbers with you (many CLOUD systems do not allow this).

We are great for seasonal businesses as you can add as many phones and lines for a peak selling period(s) without term requirements.

You can turn your CLOUD system into a premise system without penalties with the same programming and features. Not many if any can offer you this.

Toshiba CLOUD system is only offered through a subset of the Toshiba's local Telecom dealer network just like our premise based systems. Toshiba keeps strick control of dealers and insures that all dealerships have training, parts, emergency service, and move a lot of product so each is familiar with the product.

Toshiba has local on-site factory trained technicians and salesman just a phone call away. How many (if any) CLOUD companies have local staff to come visit you on site if you need it?

Toshiba's CLOUD system is exactly the same as our premise VoIP system (IPedge). Toshiba built them from the ground up. We did NOT purchase a dead DOT com or small VoIP company to offer a CLOUD solution along with our premise system choices.

Toshiba's CLOUD start with 12 simulaneous calls through voice mail.

Toshiba's CLOUD allows 1 line Bursting of incomming or outgoing calls or simulaneous cell phone or cell phone ringing. For example you can have a 1 phone/ 1 line system that can take 2 calls simultaneously.

Why is getting Toshiba's CLOUD (VIPedge) from Parker better than other Toshiba Dealers?

Toshiba VIPedge has a default programming scheme that can keep installation costs low. However, we improve on this scheme for all of our customers. This includes reducing the default 4 digit extensions to a more resonable customer schemes at no additional cost (example 2 or 3 digit extensions, keeping your existing number scheeme, or matching the DID phone numbers). We also reduce the 4 digit VM access to a single digit.

Most of our customers need to do absoluting nothing in terms of programming their system as they have us turnkey it for them.

We supply a custom 6 page user guide specific to your company. Most will just supply you a .pdf of the generic 234 page user guide.

We are flexible in our set up costs. We can omit things you may never use or add the service of installing and configuring desktop GUI, cell phone apps, system management, etc. Remember, that Toshiba's CLOUD can be as powerful and extended as almost any premise system becuase it is a premise system that runs in the CLOUD with non-stop CLOUD additions.

Parker is one of a handful of Bay Area Toshiba Telecom dealers. We have been one for over 20 years. We are one of Toshibas 10 Beta Dealers in the nation and held VIPedge and IPedge months before the other Bay Area dealers even knew about them.

Parker only does Toshiba Telecom. Other Bay Area dealers handle many products and split their resources to cover all of their offerings.

Parker is a small, service orientated dealer. Typically your Salesman is also your programmer, trainer, technician, and customer support contact.

We love what we do and often are available nights and weekends to discus your system.

We require no dealership maintence contracts to give you tech support or programming changes. Purchase what you need only when you need it.

We are not high presure sales folks and our down to earth understanding your needs.

We list the pricing below. It is not a secret like most others keep.

VIPedge One Time Costs *

* Required: Phone Set, Setup per user, and passing the free internet Bandwidth Test

Per User Install: $49.99
Per System Install: $ASK
5531 100MB Non Backlite Phone: Sale $49.99 $99.99 Contract Pricing (Regularly $306)
5631 100MB BackLite Phone: $124.99 Contract Pricing (Regularly $346)
5131 1GB BackLite Phone: $174.99 Contract Pricing (Regularly $546)
IP5000 Power Adapter: $6.49 (Only if switch is not POE)
IP5000 10-Button Add-On: $121.99 Contract Pricing (Regulary $321)
Cordless Phone: $199.99 Contract Pricing (Regularly $383)
Cordless Base: $299.99 Contract Pricing (Regularly $585)
Port Existing Number: Sale: $Free $20.00
Router 3120: $329.99
Router 3448: $889.99
Switch 8 GB L2 POE : $287.99
Switch 24 100MB + 4 GB port Managed L2 POE : $965.00
Switch 48 100MB + 4 GB port Managed L2 POE: $1399.99
SIP Analog Gateway 2FX/2FS: $246.99 Contract Pricing (Regularly $395)
Misc overhead paging devices: $ask
Internet Bandwidth Assessment: You MUST pass this test! Free Test my bandwidth NOW!
Network Assessment: $ask
Installation parts to enhance your network as Needed: $??? (if any)
Installation labor to enhance your network as Needed: $??? (if any)

VIPedge Pricing Examples:

See Real Monthly Invoices

Pricing Example including startup costs

Monthly: 10 Users x $14.99 =$149.90
5 Lines x $30.00 = $150.00
= $299.90 month

OneTime: 1 Adtran 3430 Router x $569.99 =$569.99
1 24 port GB Managed POE Switch x $749.99 = $749.99
10 100MB Non Backlight Phones x $99.99 = $999.90
10 User Setups x $49.99 = $499.90
3 Extra Mailboxes (Sales, Service, General) x $4.99 = $14.97
= $2,834.75 One Time
More information about this VIPedge Example Configuration:

+ We visit your site, inspect your wiring and network to make sure all is ready.
+ We have immediate direct access to available phone numbers. Simply call us and you can pick
+ You have 5 deluxe phones. Some could be off site (requires quality internet).
+ Each phone has its own direct number.
+ Your company has a main number separate from each phone.
+ Your company has 2 extra company phone numbers (say direct to Sales and Service or a Backdoor.
+ Each phone has its own mailbox with cell phone notification, wave files, and more.
+ You can take 5+1 (burst) calls in/out total to your system (any number - even 6 to the same one) at a time.
+ You can direct your phone or voice mail to call your cell phone.
+ You have 2 departments (Sales & Service) that can ring desired phones with a special sounds.
+ Several phones can have department or general voice mail box message lights.
+ Each user could see presence of other users on there phone buttons or PC GUI.
+ Each user can control his phone via his Windows PC.
+ You can make up to 5x1200 = 6000 minutes of phone calls per month.
+ Any of the 5 users can access their phone and GUI from their Windows Laptop when out of the office.
+ All of your menus and voice mail boxes have been set up by Parker staff.
+ We visit your office, install your system, and give your users a 1 hour training.
+ You have access to custom shortcuts, and Toshiba's quick reference guide and complete users guide.

Select your VIPedge Telephone Sets (endpoints):

Desk Phone Cordless Phone Add-On DSS Door Phone
* Note: Not all pricing shown. Prices before Taxes & Shipping and subject to change

VIPedge FAQs:

1) Will the customer be able to port some/all his telephone numbers off the system during or when they leave VIPedge including both numbers the customer ported onto the VIPedge as well as new Toshiba numbers that were assigned?

2) Is our billing six seconds or minutes rounded up or something else?
1 minute

3) Please explain the details of the 1200 minutes for non-call center unlimited channels:
For example:

Do inbound calls to standard channels count against the 1200 minutes:
Local ? yes
Long Distance ? yes
International ? yes
Do the unlimited local outbound calls count against the 1200 minutes? yes
Do outbound long distance counts against the 1200 minues? yes
Do international calls count against the 1200 minutes?
Inbound? yes
Outbound? No. Outbound international calls are billed separately.
Note that Toshiba had not yet billed for calls over 1200 minutes

4) The call center standard plan seems to have absolutely nothing free: Just $.019 /minute in/out?
You now get 1200 minutes free and the rest at $.019 cents. Note thatToshiba has not yet started billing past 1200 minutes.

5) Why not simplify and toss the "Call Center" Tier and just have caps and tolls beyond on a month by month basis? Seems easier and fair to supplier and customer.
The advantage of the unlimited type is that the customer wonít be billed for going over, for the next month they will have the option of buying more channels of service or switching over to the call center type. Note that no one has been billed for over 1200 minutes yet.

6) How is that free pre-install/post QOS network assessment offer coming?
It is available now. See the BLUE link above that says "Test my bandwidth NOW".

7) What is the minimum size order?
How many phones? 1
How many channels? 3
What is term? 24 months
Deposit starts at? $50
Customer is required to have an approved router? If the phones share their data network it is highly suggested you have a QOS Router. Some customer avoid a QOS router by having a compoletely separate interent connection for the phones. Comcast delivers so much internet that many small offices have seen no need for a QOS router. Customers may already have a QOS router or may purchase from Toshiba models known to work and have factory suggested programing.
Network Assessment? Required! This is a free test we can walk you through over the phone in a few minutes. You must see at least 99% of voice packets being delivered. We like to use the MOS score quality estimate as an easy decision maker.

8) What if customer downsizes?
No penalty to down size. Able to add/remove under agreement as required.

9) What if the customer adds items to the system - Does the 24 month term extend?
No, the only exception is if the customer purchases another server. That will have its own star date.

10) Do all tolls for call centers come from deposit account?

11) If deposit does not have an auto-renew OR exceeds the 2 per day refill does system prevent outbound/inbound calls immediately?
If the desposit is exhaused long distance calls will be blocked. The service will continue for a short time and the dealer will be notified.

12) Could you consider offering contiguous blocks of DID numbers for a price ?
Parker has suggested this to Toshiba and Toshiba has listened. It cost $0.75/mo to keep a DID number in reserve for the future.

14) Is the only difference between standard and toll free users/aa-mailboes is that it determines what type of phone number is bundled with it?

15) Is it true that the bundled numbers has no restrictions on what they are used for in the system?

16) Can a system have only Toll Free channels on it and still make calls out?
Toll Free channels were eliminated. You simply get billed $.039 cents per minute.

17) If a customer already has Toshiba IP5000 (not 9 line models) series phones can we allow them on the system?
It is possible but not recommended.

18) What can we do with the MP112/2S/SIP Gateway on the VIPedge price sheet?
Itís there for fax machines, hasnít been tested yet for other things like single line telephones and paging.

19) How are the installation rates applied ?
There is a basic $49 per phone set up fee. Beyond that any addional customization, PC GUI installation, Cell Phone Apps, System management setup and training (we usually provide this as a service and you never need to get under the hood), network assessment, network improvement, additional cabling, etc. is bid and billed.

20) If we get new numbers from Toshiba will they be from my local rate center?
Most CLOUD companies and Data based phone companies have a limited choice of rate centers in a given area code. Call us and we have immediate access to availble numbers and which rate center they are in. Again, with most CLOUD and Data based phone companies they may not port back into your original geographical rate center which can cause additional costs in porting back to a traditional copper line.

Still have questions? Call us for no presure answers.