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Toshiba General Descriptions - Detailed Descriptions

(use to find what you want, what you have, or what you can do with it)

VIPedge Cloud System including Voice Mail, Call Manager, Call Manager Mobile 9/16

Toshiba IPedge Telephone Systems including Voice Mail 10/16

IPedge Call Center 7/16

Toshiba CIX Telephone Systems and Voice Mails 4/16

CIX Application Server 8/15

Toshiba Brochures

Phone Systems: (note the number after "CIX" is the number of connections possible (# of lines + # of phones, etc.))

Toshiba IPedge Phone System

Toshiba VIPedge Phone System

Toshiba CIX40 Phone System

Toshiba CIX100 Phone System

Toshiba CIX200 Phone System

Toshiba CIX670 Phone System

Toshiba CIX1200 Phone System

Toshiba CIX Application Server

Toshiba Approved Headsets

Toshiba National Account Brochure

Toshiba is Green


IP (VoIP) Phones

Digital Phones

Voice Mails:

Voice Mails Overview(browser-version)"

Voice Mail Optional Features

Toshiba LVMU economy "in-skin" Voice Mail

Toshiba ies16 standard "in-skin" Voice Mail

Toshiba Mini-MAS, MAS server based Voice Mails

Unified Messaging(browser-version)"


Call Centers

Net Phone (GUI for your Toshiba Phones)

Video Conferencing for your Toshiba System

Networking multiple Toshiba Systems

Computer Telephone Interface (dialing from pc screen or software, crm, screen pops, etc.)

SalesForce Call Manager Integration

Toshiba Quick Reference Cards

(Our system customers have a custom quick reference tailored just for them)

VIPedge Telephone, Messaging & Call Manager 1/14

Toshiba 5000 Series VoIP Phones

Toshiba 5000 Series Digital Phones

Toshiba Voice Mail

Toshiba "Enterprise Server (ES)" Voice Mail

Toshiba "Strata Messaging" Voice Mail

Types of VM Directorys on App Server or IPedge or VIPedge

Toshiba "Setting Speed Dials

Toshiba "Setting One-Touch (blank) keys

Toshiba "5000 Series Handset Volume Control

Toshiba User Guides

(Our system customers have a custom reference tailored just for them)

(Toshiba User guides have more information than you want or should know)

VIPedge User Guide: Telephones, Messaging, & Call Manager 08/16

Toshiba IPedge Phone and Messaging User Guide 10/16

UCedge Client App inc ACD 9/16

Salesforce Integration 3/16

UCedge Client App and Strata Call Manager 1/16

IP Mobility App 12/15

CIX App Server Voice Mail 04/13

VIPedge App Service Messaging, Call Manager, UCedge 08/15

Toshiba Audio, Web, & Video Conference Guide 9/13

CIX 5000 Series VoIP Phones 9/11

CIX 5000 Series Digital Phones 10/10

Toshiba DECT 2404 Cordless Phones 4/9

Toshiba IP4100 Cordless Phones 11/11

Toshiba Older 2204/2304 Cordless Phones 7/6

Toshiba Older 2000/3000 Series Phones

Toshiba Older 2000/3000 Series Phones Administration

Using an analog phone 2/6

Toshiba Voice Mail 8/7

Toshiba "Enterprise Server (ES)" Voice Mail 7/8

Toshiba "Strata Messaging" Voice Mail 5/10

Toshiba ACD Agent/Supervisor

Toshiba ACD Administrator

Toshiba NetPhone

Toshiba NetPhone Administrator

Toshiba Strata Call Manager 9/10

Toshiba Strata Call Manager Admin 3/10

Taske Contact 8.9

Taske MyReporter 8.8

Toshiba DK R4.3 Digital Phone

Toshiba DK R4.3 Electronic Phone

Toshiba DK R4.3 Analog Phone

Toshiba DK43 System Administrator

Client Software

(check with us before you download/install these clients!)

Toshiba UCedge Windows 32bit v2.7.10 04-19-2017

Toshiba UCedge Windows 62bit v2.7.10 04-19-2017

Toshiba UCedge MAC v2.7.10 04-19-2017

Toshiba Strata Call Manager v8.0.7.0 3-11-2015 CIX/MAS (Win8 OK)

Toshiba Strata Call Manager v8.2.16.1 5-2-2015 VIPedge/IPedge

SCM Lync Plug-In v1.14 (W7 32/64 only)

Toshiba Soft Phone (laptop/pc version) CIX/IPedge/VIPedge v3.4.1 12-20-2012

Toshiba Soft Phone Intel IPP CIX/IPedge/VIPedge v3.4.1 12-20-2012)

Toshiba NetPhone/Strata Call Manager Backup Utility

Toshiba Video Conferencing v3.0-M19

Toshiba Video Conferencing V2.0-M28


Software and Paper to label your Toshiba buttons

PSB Video

APC BR1500G UPS Battery Replacement