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Digital Telephone Sets

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Toshiba’s flagship business telephone sets have been digital since 1992. The flagship is now shared with the Voice Over IP (VoIP) models. Both provide almost exactly the same user experience. Each digital phone has a non-shared data and power connection with the Toshiba PBX. This guarantees that nothing will disturb the quality of communications and perfect transmission between the phone set and the PBX.

Technical details: Toshiba's digital sets use a single twisted pair on a voice cable (ideally cat3, cat5, cat5e, or cat6 and beyond). Sometimes using a 2nd pair is desired. Digital phones may be located upto 1000 feet between the PBX and the phone. Remote cabinets allows parts of the PBX to be miles apart from each other, each with a 1000 ft range for digital phones.) The signalling is very close to an ISDN BRI circuit with two 64K bearer channels (perfect telephone speech) and a 16K data channels to update the buttons and displays.

Toshiba’s current model digital phones are the DP5000 series.

The DKT-3200 series are still available new (previous generation).

The DP5000 are meant to be a replacement for any Toshiba digital phone model.
(DKT10xx, DKT20xx, DKT30xx, DKT32xx, DP50xx) (note not all new 5000 features will be available on older model Toshiba's).

Need a Headset?

Toshiba's DP 5000 Series Digital Phones:

Model Number MSR Price Fixed Keys Feature Keys LCD Size Labels Backlite Speakerphone
5008 $120 20 1 none none n/a no
5018-S $218 21 10 none paper n/a yes
5022-SD $297 25 10 4x24 paper no yes
5022-SDM $185 25 10 4x24 paper no yes
5032-SD $362 25 20 4x24 paper no yes
5122-SD $353 25 10 4x24 paper yes yes
5130-FSDL $560 33 10+10* 9x24 lcd yes full duplex
5130-SDL $474 33 10+10* 9x24 lcd yes yes
5132-SD $422 0 10 4x24 paper yes n/a
KM5020 $225 0 20 none paper no n/a
LM5110 $321 0 10 10x12 lcd yes n/a
5060 $495 0 60 none paper no n/a
* Note: Relase 5.2 gives and extra 10 feature keys via a "shift" key

    Note: All models (except DP-5008) are:
  • Sleek low profile - less than 1-inch thick.
  • Black body with dark grey keys
  • Metalic silver curved tilt stand with 8 adjustable positions
  • Built in headset port
  • Optional "offhook call annouce" (speak and get reply over speakerphone while party is using handset/headset)
  • Wall phone mountable (even the DP-5008)

OCA = Off-Hook Call Announce. Ability for another user to talk to you while you are already on a call. All models offer handset OCA (you hear the 2nd caller over the handset. Speaker OCA uses the speakerphone to deliver the 2nd call while you use your handset or headset on the first call. Additional Toshiba features make this useful as compared to annoying.


See Brochures, User Guides, and Quick Reference Guides for our phone on our "Downloads and Documentations" page.
The 5008 and 5018-S Phones are for special locations that need a basic phone such as a lobby phone for Visitor use.
These are the phones that are used that are used for most locations.
MORE BUTTONS: (max of two KM/LM units per phone)

TIP: For best speakerphone usage enable Speakerphone MIC Sensitivity on all Toshiba digital phone speakerphones (otherwise it tends to cut off).

When you use the speakerphone the MIC light should wink every few seconds. If the MIC light is solid, you need to do the following on your phone.

    3000, 3200, & 5000 Series:
  • Press 3,6,9, & HOLD together
  • Enter 0
  • Press 3rd button up of 10 so LED lights up
  • Press HOLD
  • Lift and replace the handset

    Older Models:
  • Press MIC and VOL-UP at the same time for 5 seconds.