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NEC Univerge Blue Cloud Phones

NEC Cloud

PSB PROMO to 12/31/21: A free phone (see *$Free) or credit against a more expensive phone starts with 1 year term.

PSB Suggests Using the Yealink 54w (Free w/Promo)

It is simply a one time cost (perhaps free) to have a desk phone.

You have the option of NOT having a deskphone and can use your cell or computer.

You can often bring your own phones-ask.

The last shipment(s) have come from Redmond, WA with 3 day UPS to us or you.

Yealink Desk Phones - T5 series

Wow our new favorites! Suggest T54w and $Free with 1yr or more

Both Wired and WiFi, Bluetooth.
GB, Tilt Screen, opt. Cordless.
29/27/21 programmable keys.
POE but includes PS as well.
Headset via RJ9/USB/Bluetooth.
T57w * -$85 T54w *$Free T53w *$Free
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NEC Desk Phones:

These are NEC phones with non-proprietary general purpose sip firmware with 1 year warranty.
32TCGS 8x4page Touch * -$85 32LCGS 8x4page Button *$Free 6DGS 6 Button *$Free
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Polycom Desk Phones:

VVX 501 * -$85 VVX 450 *$Free VVX 350 VVX 250 *$Free VVX 201
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Conference Phones

Poly Trio 8500 Poly IP-6000 Poly IP-5000 Yealink CP960
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Cordless Phones

Yealink W60B and up to 8 Yealink Handsets

Phones can also be mated to a Yealink T5 phone or easiest desk/walk-arround experience.
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and of course your other devices

PC/MAC/Browser Mobile App Laptop Tablet
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Want More Info on phones?

Click the button below to check out the NEC Univerge.Blue website for an alternate view of these phones.