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NEC Univerge Blue Cloud Phones

NEC Cloud


It is simply a one time cost to have a desk phone. Many of our plans offer a free phone or a $60 to $85 credit off the price of the phone with 1 year committment. they come pre-programmed (note you can still go month to month and pay 1/12/mo shortfall penality if stop before 1 year).

You have the option of NOT having a deskphone and can use your cell or computer, tablet.

You can often bring your own phones-ask.

The more buttons you have on the home page the easier it is to use.

Wired is best but WiFi is important for most home use or uncabled office locations.

Our phones come from NEC's warehouse typically in 3-5 (Rush available) days and our brand new virgins (unlike much of the internet). Our phones come with power supply (case you take it home or do not have POE) and data cable. They are preprogrammed to connect so all you need to do is plug in to network and possible connect a power cube if no POE on your network. The phones have 2 ports so you can plug your computer into the phone in a single data cable environment.

What we suggest:

The best overall phone by far is the Yealink T54w. Many plans offer $60 to $85 credit. Choose this if you can afford the start up cost. Expected in mid May of 2023 is the free Fanvill 303w or even a free Fanvil v64 with PRO/PRO+ licenses. In theory (not out to be tested yet by PSB) this should be a nice options. Else take the free Yealink T33G free phone or use your computer/tablet with headset.

Yealink Desk Phones - T5 series

T57w * -$Credit T54w * -$Credit T53w * -$Credit T33g * $Free
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Fanvil Desk Phones

Expected mid May 2023
V64 * Free or -$Credit X303W * -Free
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NEC Desk Phones:

These are NEC phones with non-proprietary general purpose sip firmware with 1 year warranty.
32TCGS 8x4page Touch * -$Credit 32LCGS 8x4page Button *$Credit 6DGS 6 Button *$Free
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Polycom Desk Phones:

VVX 450 * -$Credit VVX 350 * -$Credit VVX 250 * -$Credit VVX 150 * -$Credit
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Conference Phones

Yealink CP965 * -$Credit Yealink CP925 * -$Credit
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Cordless Phones

Yealink W70B base and up to 10 Yealink W56H Handsets * -$Credit

Phones can also be mated to a Yealink T5 phone or easiest desk/walk-arround experience.
However, most use it as a stand alone phone.


Poly Savi 8220 Poly Savi 8221 Yealink WH62 Duel
* $Credit
Yealink HH62 Mono
* $Free/$Credit
Poly Blackwire 3220 Poly Blackwire 3210
Wireless Computer&Phone&Cell Wireless Computer&Phone&Cell Wireless Computer&Phone Wireless Computer&Phone Wired Computer Wired Computer
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and of course your other devices

PC/MAC/Browser Mobile App Laptop Tablet
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