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SV9100/SV9300 Voice Mails

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Built-in InMail

Every SV9100 includes InMail Voice Mail.

Upto 896 Subscriber mailboxes (licensed)
32 Routing Mailboxes included. (Announcement / Call Recording / Directory / Distribution).
32 Group Mailboxes included. (Can also be used as subsriber and/or virtual mailboxes & includes Email Notification).
Up to 26 languages can be activated.
Simultanous Call/Voice Response Capability.
40 hours (s model) or 230 hours (e model) of storage.
No reports.

Optional UM8000 Full Voice Mail

You can add additional hardware (Server Blade) to upgrade to Full Voice Mail

550 hours of storage.
Optional Text to Speech.
Optional Hospitality & PMS.