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System upgrades

With 35 years of business telecom experience we are in the best position to help you with your telecom choices. In the beginning we serviced all brands. During the peak of dot come it became obvious that Toshiba had a cost effect terrific and cost friendly solutioh for almost any customer and that was our focus. Since 2017 NEC is the obvious winner for both premise and cloud based systems. NEC is the largest provider of business phone systems worldwide and typically toggles #1/#2 in the USA.

We still service active Toshiba systems. We have plenty of instock new and used Toshiba. New e911 laws prohibit major upgrading or re-installing a phone system that can not provide the 2022 e911 law changes. Since we knew Toshiba ever so well we can migrate you into a premise economy or standard premise system or into our top notch NEC CLOUD system. When it comes to moving to a new system we offer the best at competivie prices. All of our installs are 100% pre-programmed including greetings so no homework to do. Our cloud system generally include future add, moves, and changes remotely. We can install a cloud in some fashion the next day using computers or cell phones and can get the phones overnighted. We can service almost any Toshiba telecom system after 1990. We can talk about the older 1980 systems as well as we were there too.

NEC systems are locked to your selling dealer. It takes an effort to change dealers - ask. Our NEC experties is specialized in CLOUD, sl2100 (sl1100) and sv9100 (sv8100).

Simply give a call for no pressure options.