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Dialtone & Internet


The big names in the SF Bay area in dialtone are AT&T, Telepacific, & Comcast. We also have a favorite for over the top SIP Trunks. Give us a call and we can help chose wisely for you and even negotiate a better contract for you.


The big names in the SF Bay area in internet are Comcast, AT&T, and Telepacific. Depending upon your needs and location there usually becomes an obvious winner. Give us a call and we can help you choose wisely and even negotiate a better contract for you.

Over the Top SIP Trunks

Over the top means it uses your general internet pipe for delivery. SIP Trunks are quickly become the future of dialtone delivery as copper is being priced to extinction. Since SIP trunks can be made from free software, someone with a PC, free software, and some phone service can resell SIP trunks. Thus there are many dangerous places to obtain SIP trunks from. There are hundreds of options available that can nickle and dime the price. Many can get by fine on the base packages or close to it.

Base Pricing from a Quality Source:
Note: Sip Trunks usually bill all call time inbound and outbound.
Note: Sip Trunks usually have a 1yr, 2yr, or 3yr term.

Plan Simultaneous calls Free US48 Minutes Monthly
By Trunks 6 6*2500=15,000 $119
By Trunks 12 12*2500=30,000 $209
By Trunks 23 23*2500=57,500 $399
By Trunks 46 46*2500=115,000 $699
By Minutes unlimited 5000 $73
By Minutes unlimited 10,000 $143
By Minutes unlimited 25,0000 $338
By Minutes unlimited 50,000 $640
By Minutes unlimited 100,000 $1,200

SIP Trunk Add-On Examples:

Telephone Number $1
E911 $2
E-Fax $6
Caller-Name $1
Directory Listing $3
Many more options $?


Consultation is free if we negotiate the contract as the carrier will pay us directly. We are not greedy as others and always take the best rate for you and the lowest compensation for' us that does not effect your best price. We always champion your cause and not ours. For example we try to negotiate a no-auto renew clause to give you choices vs being locked into the service as most try to do.

Feel free to call and get all your questions answered immediately.

We often have staff available even outside of normal business hours.