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Buying a New Phone System

What type of system are you interested in?

CLOUD OR Premise? Note we sell, program, install, train, and service both!

CLOUD Upsides:
+ Workers work from work, home, or mobile.
+ Cloud is about Collaboration Tools and Video Calls.
+ Use any device deskphone(s), cell phone, laptop, etc.
+ More popular with younger staff.
+ Free phones with term contract.
+ Higher long term cost is worth the work anywhere.
+ Best when callers are after a specific person.
+ Company or department calls if have staff to answer.
+ Disaster Recovery.
+ Limited but polished feature set. You can learn to admin.
+ Lower initial costs.

++ PSB sells with 35 years experience.
++ PSB offers monthly term and free phones at 1yr. term.
++ Play with a phone on your desk before you buy.
++ Extension can be on multiple devices.
++ Micro Call Center Included.
++ Setup, Admin, Support by PSB (no call center).
++ No sneaky auto-renews. Auto month to month.
++ Lots of features others don't have or charge more for.
New Univerge Blue

CLOUD Downsides:
- Usually sold by call center sales person on commission.
- Must read tiny text on display to see who/why is calling.
- Cumbersome to transfer callers.
- Requires A grade data network, ideally separate.
- Your centers can be $25-$150/mo./user extra.
- Intercom, Calling, Paging broken when internet down.
- Overhead expensive equipment and monthly fees.
- May need to upgrade internet, network, and firewall.
- Issues are always your site, your internet, or internet.
- Cable Internet modems often an issue (eg Puma 6).
- Pay for equivalent premise system every 3-5yrs.
- Can be sold as self-install and self program.
- Help and changes often by call center (not PSB).
- New installations can be 1 wire to desk.
- About 10 things a key can be programmed to do.
- Must have great internet at every location.
- Choppy speech, phones rebooting with network sick.
- Industry is full of sneaky auto-renews.

PREMISE Upsides:
+ Brick and Mortar location(s) with some offsite users.
+ Bulletproof system and voice quality always high.
+ Site can work with no, poor, or limited internet.
+ Can use any existing phone or data grade wiring.
+ Easy to transfer callers even “Hey Joe, pickup 5”.
+ More popular with the older staff.
+ Best if some company /department calls not answered.
+ Easy to tell who/why is calling by button, sound, text.
+ Multiple message lights for departments on phone.
+ Larger text font on display and always backlight.
+ Can use copper or internet dialtone to save $$$.
+ Deep and Wide feature set.
+ Over 100 things a key can be programmed to do.
+ Small/Med Call centers are reasonable /one time price.
+ Leasing allows for cloud size monthly payments.
+ Vendor usually turn-key with no admin education.
+ Overhead paging interface built in or inexpensive.
+ Choice of Digital (old cabling) or VoIP (data cabling).
+ Intercom and paging work when internet down.
+ Better for companies with rich & lean income periods.
+ Premise systems can go 10+ years.
+ Calling works when internet down with copper trunks.
+ Most optional features are a one time price.

Parker NEC Premise
++ Same local vendor to sell, install, train, service.
++ PSB sells and services with 35 years experience.
++ PSB customizes programming to your company.
++ Use your own dialtone or we have NEC dialtone.
Flagship Economy

Premise Downsides:
- Each extension can have just 1 device.
- Video Calls, GUI, cell app are usually optional.
- No Power /internet can cause down remote workers .
- You are responsible for hardware/firmware.
    (very rare issues with hardware in SF Bay Area)