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Buying a New Phone System

What type of system are you interested in?

CLOUD OR Premise? Note we sell, program, install, train, and service both!

Ask about NEC Bridge where you can marry/expand a NEC premise sysem with the NEC CLOUD which also allows select users to be both at same time. Only NEC has this brdige.

CLOUD Upsides:
+ Workers work from work, home, or mobile.
+ Texting for each user and company main numbers. + Cloud is about Collaboration Tools and Video Calls.
+ Use any device deskphone(s), cell phone, laptop, etc.
+ More popular with younger staff.
+ Free or discounted phones with if keep 1 year.
+ Higher long term cost is worth the work anywhere.
+ Best when callers are after a specific person.
+ Company or department calls if have staff to answer.
+ Disaster Recovery.
+ Limited but polished feature set. + You can learn to admin buy why as we do for free.
+ Lower initial costs.

++ PSB sells with 35 years experience.
++ PSB does all programming before and after the sale.
++ PSB offers monthly term and free/discounted phones at 1yr. term.
++ Play with a phone on your desk before you buy.
++ Extension can be on multiple devices.
++ Micro Call Center Included.
++ Setup, Admin, Support by PSB (no call center).
++ No sneaky auto-renews. Auto month to month.
++ Lots of features others don't have or charge more for.
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CLOUD Downsides: (some other seller issues)
- Usually sold by call center sales person on commission.
- Must read tiny text on display to see who/why is calling.
- Cumbersome to transfer callers.
- Requires A grade data network, ideally separate.
- Your centers can be $25-$150/mo./user extra.
- Intercom, Calling, Paging broken when internet down.
- Overhead expensive equipment and monthly fees.
- May need to upgrade internet, network, and firewall.
- Issues are always your site, your internet, or internet.
- Cable Internet modems often an issue (eg Puma 6).
- Pay for equivalent premise system every 3-5yrs.
- Can be sold as self-install and self program.
- Help and changes often by call center (not PSB).
- New installations can be 1 wire to desk.
- About 10 things a key can be programmed to do.
- Must have great internet at every location.
- Choppy speech, phones rebooting with network sick.
- Industry is full of sneaky auto-renews.

PREMISE Upsides:
+ Brick and Mortar location(s) with some offsite users.
+ Bulletproof system and voice quality always high.
+ Site can work with no, poor, or limited internet.
+ Can use any existing phone or data grade wiring.
+ Easy to transfer callers even “Hey Joe, pickup 5”.
+ More popular with the older staff.
+ Best if some company /department calls not answered.
+ Easy to tell who/why is calling by button, sound, text.
+ Multiple message lights for departments on phone.
+ Larger text font on display and always backlight.
+ Can use copper or internet dialtone to save $$$.
+ Deep and Wide feature set.
+ Over 100 things a key can be programmed to do.
+ Small/Med Call centers are reasonable /one time price.
+ Leasing allows for cloud size monthly payments.
+ Vendor usually turn-key with no admin education.
+ Overhead paging interface built in or inexpensive.
+ Choice of Digital (old cabling) or VoIP (data cabling).
+ Intercom and paging work when internet down.
+ Better for companies with rich & lean income periods.
+ Premise systems can go 10+ years.
+ Calling works when internet down with copper trunks.
+ Most optional features are a one time price.

Parker NEC Premise
++ Same local vendor to sell, install, train, service.
++ PSB sells and services with 35 years experience.
++ PSB customizes programming to your company.
++ Use your own dialtone or we have NEC dialtone.
Flagship Economy

Premise Downsides:
- Each extension can have just 1 device. Ask about Bridge.
- Video Calls, GUI, cell app are usually optional.
- No Power /internet can cause down remote workers .
- You are responsible for hardware/firmware.
    (very rare issues with hardware in SF Bay Area)