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As of March 21, 2017, Toshiba TSD (Telecom) unexpectedly shuts down new system sales on May 22!

An offer has been made to take over Toshiba Telecom. New Sales extended to June 30 with possible new owner July 1. Business as Usual?

Regardless, Parker Communications remains OPEN and actively servicing and selling* Toshiba now and hopefully for years to come!!

Toshiba will proably never let out the complete story. As most know, Toshiba has been in the news with financial problems. They were just recovering from 2015 accounting scandal when the Westinghouse USA nuclear reactor division was found to have a 4-9 (internet is full of numbers) billion dollar loss.

Toshiba had to sell off some divisions to absorb this demand for immediate cash without wanting to take on loans. Secretly Toshiba Telecom was never planned to shut down Telecom as it was doing well. However we were in the division with Westinghouse. It was to be spared by moving telecom into another division. Our best guess is that some snag occurred and it could not be completed by fiscal year ending April 1st. With and a Toshiba Corporate desire to put any losses behind them, our beloved telecom division was sacrificed.

Always rumored to be profitable and with the foundation to grow through adaptation in a changing and shrinking traditional pbx marketplace, no one at Toshiba wanted Telecom to close. Toshiba's official statements thus far is only several sentences. Fuzzy clarifications that generated more questions an answers.

"Dealers can submit orders through May 22, 2017 subject to inventory availability. TSD will continue to support dealers in all warranty and maintenance obligations to customers. With respect to VIPedge customers, TSD will continue to support the services in accordance with contract terms. For customers who wish to transition away from VIPedge service, TSD will waive early termination charges."

"Dealers can still purchase Systems, Standard One Year SUS including renewals, Standard Toshiba Warranty, and 3rd Party Extended Warranty until 05/22/2017. After this date, dealers will still be able to purchase Toshiba add on parts and licenses through 12/31/2022 for customers and a little longer for schools and government in contract. OEM extended warranties will need to be purchased directly from the OEM."

Toshiba is selling normally for 60 days and all factory staff is expected to stay until May 31. A small skelton staff is staying behind. Details about the future are being worked out now. Toshiba has customers with 2,3,5,7, and 10 year warranty committments as well as 5yr pre-paid software updates and support.

Toshiba's 3rd party partners (Call Recording, ACD reporting, Voice Mail, Conference Bridge, Some Smart Phone Apps, have chimed in that they plan to make their products available to dealers directly. As well as some independants that that offered their own Toshiba compatable hardware.

Toshiba Telecom products have always been crafted the old fashion way. They are built to last and are an investment protected with forward and backward migration (Old product runs on new systems. New products can run on old systems). Migrations were inexpensive. Much of our base is still actively using 1991-2000 era systems. Despite Toshiba no longer supporting sytems from this era, Parker was able to service this product almost completely. The same is true of the 2001-2010 products, and we expect, at this point, the same to be true for thecurrent product line's future. Even without new product manufacturing, there is a near lifetime supply of used product. In the last few years, servers were generic. The key will be the undetermined exit strategy and policies regarding licensing of existing systems in the future. We have a sizeable inventory for past and present models both new and used.

Toshiba was the oldest player in Telecom with roots going back to telegraphs in 1875. Toshiba America became a major telephone system provider in the USA with the break up of Ma Bell from 1975 on. Toshiba America also included Canada, Mexico, and most likely the rest of Latin America.

We are in the process of contacting our base but are pausing until we know more. Customers with active orders have the first priority. Plesae feel free to call and discuss. We will review the current and future needs of each customer future individually and will be discussing options to maintain their Toshiba systems or to begin to consider migration depending on customer requirements. Much will depend on Toshiba factory details regarding exit support and the future of licensing.

Parker Communications, with over 30 years of Toshiba experience, has previously sold many of the major brands. We have already begun researching the best possible replacement brand(s) to provide the smoothest and most efficient migration paths for our customers if needed.

Please forgive us as it may take some time for this information to trickle through the rest of our website.

Welcome to Parker Communications where we offer solutions for all your business telecommunication needs.

    We are dedicated to:
  1. determining your communication needs,
  2. fitting you with the system that will meet those needs,
  3. providing ongoing customer service and maintenance.

Our factory trained and certified sales staff will spend time with you to determine your particular business requirements. This same staff will oversee installation, implementation, and training ensuring that your system is up and running at maximum efficiency serving you and your customers.

Trained, knowledgeable, and friendly customer service staff are available to facilitate changes and updates remotely, saving time and money. Whether you are starting a new business, moving an existing system, or upgrading your current system, we can help you.

Parker is a cutting edge Toshiba Dealership. One of just a handful of Toshiba Dealers nationwide that are allowed to particpate in Toshiba's Beta Program. We test Toshiba's newest products and get to give our input back to development before other Toshiba Dealers even hear about the product. We are sworn to secrecy of what Toshiba is working on next but we can tell you we were involved with the newest yet to be released 2017 products, all releases of IPedge and VIPedge,including Application Servers, Voice and Web Conferencing, built in call accounting and more.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we service the greater Bay Area bordered from Marin to Fairfield to Brentwood to Livermore to Salinas/Monterey and everywhere in between. We also manage and serve our national clients across the United States through the Toshiba National Account program.

Why choose Parker for your Toshiba Phone Systems?

• Parker only sells and service Toshiba Telecom products so we know it well.

• Ok, we have been known to help our Toshiba Telecom base with basic network IT and Toshiba Video Surveillance as well.

• We do not requre maintenance contracts for our sites as they are usually quite foolish for the customer.

• We are the Kings of remote administration saving you on costly site visits.

• We are small. We know each of our customer sites well.

• We are not strict 9-5 guys. Feel free to call most reasonable hours 7 days a week.

• We spend our customers money as if it were are own.

• We sell as engineers and not sales folks.

• Most of our installs are 100% with no customer homework (eg even personal greetings are custom populated).

Looking for a new phone system?

The easiest way to find out your options is to give us a call at 408-342-8100.

• Toshiba has been a major player in USA Business Phone Systems for over 35 years.
• Parker has been an authorized Toshiba Telecom dealer for 25 plus years.
• Toshiba offers you the choice of CLOUD, Premise VoIP or Traditional Premise Hybrid (Digital and VoIP).
• Parker we sell mostly new factory fresh systems but we also offers used systems/components for the budget minded.

More about a New Toshiba Phone System

Looking to service, upgrade, or expand your existing Toshiba phone system?

The easiest way to find out your options is to give us a call at 408-342-8100.

Toshiba offers an evergreen telecom solution. Much of our new product can accept the old while also offering to serve on older models (backwards and forward compatibility).

More about upgrading your existing Toshiba Phone System

Toshiba Voice Mails take on expanded roles.

The easiest way to find out your options is to give us a call at 408-342-8100.

Modern Tosibha Voice Mails (except the CIX economy GVPH/LVMU models) offer some powerful non voice mail features. These include:
-Ring your cell (or other phone number(s) before going to voice mail.
-Transfer an answered work call on your cell back to another work extension.
-Call customers back from your cell phone but show the work number instead of your personal cell number.
-Call Accounting (Rreport to track calls by extension, inbound or outbound phone number, or which number they called to reach you).
-Voice Conference Bridge (new models include an expandable 4 conference bridge. Older are upgradeable).
-Cell Phone Apps to control your voice mail, phone, or acd.

More about Toshiba Voice Mails

Recent Toshiba Telecom News:

ES is a new smaller App Server & IPedge platform Perfectly sized for the small office. Affords fancy technology for smaller companies

App Server & IPedge v1.7.4 software Encryption, QOS troubleshootings, Improved Conference calandar, ...

UCEdge Clients: Updated PC/MAC/SmartPhone/Tablet Clients.

App Server & IPedge v1.7.3 software: VMware models. Meet-Me Web Conference. Improvements to Audio Conferenceing and Call Accounting.

Clarify Call Recording: Now surpassses Oaisys features for call recording.

App Server & IPedge v1.7.1 software: Improved On-Line Licensing. Call Accounting with 911 email notification. Meet Me Audio Conferencing.

App Server & IPedge Server Refresh Program: Update older servers to new powerful models inexepensively.

Rumors: Toshiba adding two new state of art CLOUD Server Farms for West and East Coast.

Current System Software Versions:

CIX: R5.20,mt78 9/8/16
CIX MIPU: 2_17 9/8/16
CIX LIPU: 3_2 7/25/11
IPedge: R1.7.4 1/19/17
VIPedge: Always up to date
Strata Messaging on Luca version gets Cell Phone Apps