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The solution integrating technology and service.

Serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area with offices at both ends of the Bay.
Area codes: 408, 415, 510, 650, 669, 707, 831, 925 and multi-site customers in any of the 50 states.

We focus on telecom and its data network.

Use your own OR we can send out for cabling, customer data side I.T., and pizza.

Welcome to Parker Communications where we offer solutions for all your business telecommunication needs.

    We are dedicated to:
  1. determining your communication needs,
  2. fitting you with the system that will meet those needs,
  3. providing ongoing customer service and maintenance.

Our factory trained and certified sales staff will spend time with you to determine your particular business requirements. This same staff will oversee installation, implementation, and training ensuring that your system is up and running at maximum efficiency serving you and your customers.

Trained, knowledgeable, and friendly customer service staff are available to facilitate changes and updates remotely, saving time and money. Whether you are starting a new business, moving an existing system, or upgrading your current system, we can help you.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we service the greater Bay Area bordered from Marin to Fairfield to Brentwood to Livermore to Salinas/Monterey and everywhere in between. We also manage and serve our national clients across the United States.

Parker is still your authorized source in Toshiba/Mitel Telecom. Parker is taking on Toshiba customers abandoned by other dealers. Parker does not require maintenance contracts of any kind.

Why choose Parker for your Toshiba Phone Systems?

• Parker offers a choice in brands and platforms within in each brand (traditional, premise VoIP, premise wireless, Cloud).

• Let Parker deliver muliple quotes and help you choose which is best for your particular needs.

• We do not requre maintenance contracts for our sites as they are usually quite foolish for the customer.

• We are the Kings of remote administration saving you on costly site visits.

• We are small. We know each of our customer sites well.

• We are not strict 9-5 guys. Feel free to call most reasonable hours 7 days a week.

• We spend our customers money as if it were are own.

•: We focus on telecom. We work well with your IT department or IT group.

• We sell as engineers and not sales folks.

• Ok, we have been known to help our Toshiba Telecom base with basic network IT and Toshiba Video Surveillance as well.

• Most of our installs are 100% with no customer homework (eg even personal greetings are custom populated).

Looking for a new phone system?

The easiest way to find out your options is to give us a call at 408-342-8100.

• There is no sales presure from us. Fell free to call us outside of normal hours.
• Parker is authrorized with full factory supoprt in the brands we sell (Samsung, ESI, Broadview, Toshiba/Mitel).
• We offer you the choice of CLOUD, Premise VoIP or Traditional Premise Hybrid (Digital and VoIP).
• Parker we sell mostly new factory fresh systems but we also offers used systems/components for the budget minded.

Samsung's SCM Business PBX System Leapfrogs the competition.

Product lines typically last a decade. Samsung has one of the most recent being introduced just 2 years ago. Introduced initially as a high end system capable of 4,000 phones per systems and multiple sites, it now is offered in ecomical SMB sizing of up to 500 phones.

One of the coolest additions is the marraige of their most popular phones with wireless. For example so many SMB companies are forced to stay with digital as their premise wiring is not up to VoIP or CLOUD standards. With Samsung, install one or more of their Wireless access points and all the phones connect with protected QOS corded quality VoIP. This works both for Samsung's premise or Cloud system. This makes office moves trivial. Give Parker a call for more information.

The marriage with wireless also takes on seemless transitions between desk phone and your cell phone. A dedicated button on the phone moves the call from desk to cell. Another on smart phone app moves it back. Samsung's integration with the smart phones comes from experise as the number one seller of smart phone.

Samsung is the 7th largest company on the planet and largest technology company busines.

ESI big features for a small price.

ESI offers a great value. Their phones are button heavy. ESI phone systems integrate with ESI door access system to easily track staff in and out status from the phone.

Recent Website Changes:

9/21/17: Website Reorganization. As Parker adds additional brands of phones systems we are reorganizing our web site. Much of our content has been removed and replaced by a new skelton. We expect to be adding back and generating new contect in the coming weeks. Until then, feel free to call us 408-342-8100 for no pressure sales and information.