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Serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area with offices at both ends of the Bay.
Area codes: 408, 415, 510, 650, 669, 707, 831, 925 and multi-site customers in any of the 50 states.

Welcome to Parker Communications where we offer solutions for all your business telecommunication needs.

    We are dedicated to:
  1. determining your communication needs,
  2. fitting you with the system that will meet those needs,
  3. providing ongoing customer service and maintenance.

Our factory trained and certified sales staff will spend time with you to determine your particular business requirements. This same staff will oversee installation, implementation, and training ensuring that your system is up and running at maximum efficiency serving you and your customers.

Trained, knowledgeable, and friendly customer service staff are available to facilitate changes and updates remotely, saving time and money. Whether you are starting a new business, moving an existing system, or upgrading your current system, we can help you.

Parker is a cutting edge Toshiba Dealership. One of just a handful of Toshiba Dealers nationwide that are allowed to particpate in Toshiba's Beta Program. We test Toshiba's newest products and get to give our input back to development before other Toshiba Dealers even hear about the product. We are sworn to secrecy of what Toshiba is working on next but we can tell you we were recently involved with the VIPedge, each release of IPedge, R4 CIX processor, CIX40 System, the Web Callback application, and the Strata Messaging Voice Mail on LUCA.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we service the greater Bay Area from Sacramento to San Luis Obispo and everywhere in between. We also manage and serve our national clients across the United States through the Toshiba National Account program.

Toshiba and Parker Now Offer Toshiba Phone Service:

Parker can now offer "Toshiba" phone service in as little as a few hours!
+ Promo - Toshiba will throw in SIP trunk licenses for free with purchase of new CIX/IPedge
+ Of course, Parker was in the original Beta for this new service!
+ Even small users can now easily add private lines to their systems.
+ Yes, we can port your existing numbers for free.
+ New numbers can be choosen over the phone immediately with up to 200 numbers available in every area code.
+ For Toshiba systems only! May require software and/or hardware upgrades.
+ Parker offers 2 "bursting channels" (2 extra lines for peak periods) at no charge (except one time system costs).
+ Automatic fail over service to your favorite alternate.
+ Delivered over your quality internet service or a new separate one. Free assesement available.
+ Monthly Pricing:
.... Pricing: Flat rate service $29.98 per channel.
.... Pricing: Measure rate service at $12.99 per channel and $0.0299 cents per minute.
.... 2 Trunk minimum.
.... Private line DID at $0.99 cents each.
.... Toll Free service at $3.99 cents per minute.
.... Add numbers in any area code for $0.99 cents each.
.... Yes, each DID can be tied to its own 911 address.
.... Often way less expensive than your current phone service with more simultaneous calls and direct numbers.
+ Give us a call and get all the details and often immediate setup.

Toshiba Telecom Killer App:

Toshiba has further enhanced your telephone system and cell phone experience:
+ Business calls answered on your cell can be recorded or transfered to any business extension in your system.
+ Outgoing calls from your cell can show your business number caller-id rather than your personal cell number.
+ Listen to or manage your voice mail messages on your cell phone.
+ Simultaneous ring of your Toshiba desk phone and your cell phone.
+ Calls to your business number that go to your cell unanswered return to your company voice mail box.
+ We can retrofit all Toshiba systems back to 2001 (or even back to 1991) with these cool features!


Toshiba has virtualized their IPedge VoIP PBX system to create "Virtual IPedge" or VIPedge!

We can demo and sell this today with installation in as little as 1 to 7 days!

Learn More about the VIPedge CLOUD System

Learn More about all Toshiba Phone Systems


We currently have a trade in program for old Toshiba systems toward new Toshiba Systems. Ask us!

A customer told us that the phone guy they had used for years had gone out of business. When they called another local authorized dealer, they were informed that they only had one tech available to deal with the older Toshiba systems and he was booked for several weeks. Then they called us. With several techs with over 25 years of Toshiba experience and a supply of used parts we can easily service the older Toshiba product. Older Toshiba is still viable and we can support it without requiring an upgrade, replacement, or putting a maintenance contract on your system. Of course, we can usually offer several levels of upgrade to stabilize or modernize your system now or over time. We'd be happy to discuss servicing your older Toshiba system.

Bandwidth Wars and VoIP Phone Service

To compete with Comcast, AT&T is quickly expanding their fiber network to reach many businesses. Packages start at 10MB/10MB (up/down speed) at $580/mo including some PRI phone service.

100/100MB Fiber in the $1200/mo range.

Telepacific is starting to respond and also offer 10MB+ plans. They tend to be a bit more pricey but offer Service Level Agreements (SLA aka performance guarantees) whereas AT&T and Comcast do not on the above products.

All of these carriers and bandwidth above are wonderful for Toshiba CLOUD Phones, Toshiba SIP Trunks, and Toshiba VoIP phones.

There is much to discuss and learn about the phone service offering from each of these so be sure to call us as it is to much detail to mention here. Also give us a call to find out if your address is serviceable, get a top carrier rep to deal with, get the good and the bad news, and known discount opportunities.

Current System Software Versions:

CIX: R5.20,mt76 9/14/15
CIX MIPU: 2_16 1/2/16
CIX LIPU: 3_2 7/25/11
IPedge: R1.7.1.250 6/20/16
VIPedge: Always up to date
Strata Messaging on Luca version gets Cell Phone Apps

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