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The business phone unit of Samsung is part of the Samsung Wireless Division by design. Going forward Samsungs sees Wireless replacing copper wiring. Samsung is a leader in wireless networks with supporting a few users to an entire convention center. Samsungs top selling phones have both a wired network connection as well as wireless capability. The new Samsung business phone platform Samsung Communication Manager (SCM) supports data network wired and wireless networks.

The SCM does NOT support traditional digital phones. Digital phones are still needed to support voice grade cabling found in so many businesses. However, with Samsung wireless you simply run 1 data cable cable to an access point supporting 20-25 phones each wirelessly or as needed for coverage. You can add your computers to the Samsung wireless network and skip most copper cabling all together. You could choose to use Samsung's SCM wireless phones on a customer wireless data network. However, with Samsung's integration and training we can help insure the best for the voice quality of your wireless phones over a wireless network.

Imagine the cost saving in move 100 phones to a building with insufficient cabling. Usually this would require 200 copper data cables for best practice of separating voice and data networks. Instead you could run just a handful of cables and run everything wirelessly. Forgeting or adding a new location is a big deal in coppered wired networks. This is easy an immediate in a wireless world.