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Samsung Options and Add-Ons

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Licensed Add-Ons to your base SCM Compact System

* Samsung Phone Endpoint
* 3rd party Phone Endpoint
* Softphone (PC as the phone)
* Smart Phone App - Android
* Smart Phone App - iPhone
* Embedded Voice Mail Channel. Up to 6
* VPU Voice Mail Channel
* Meet Me Conference Channel
* SBC Lite Call Engine
* SBC Lite Cal Connection. up to 128
* NAT Traveral Call Connection
* Communicator Deskphone GUI
* Embedded ACD agent GUI
* Embedded ACD wallboard
* Centralized Call Recording - requires dedicated VPU
* SIP Application Servier
* SIP Application Channel
* Camera option i5343 turns phone into video phone between other i5343 with camera users
* Premium Caller-ID (staff photo/job-title given on intercom calls
* CSTA Link sfor ACD-Pro, SECR, and Xchange

ACD - Pro

Hardware and Software Extended Support

Your least expensive option for both is at time of purchase. Protect your system hardware as well as keeping your software fresh and having vendor to factory support. One year comes with purchase but add 1,3,5 years in daytime or 24hr access. This does not count vendor labor which is billed at regular rates.