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NEC Rental Program

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NEC Rental Program is the best of both CLOUD and PREMISE

Why do people love the Cloud? Because:
  ☺ No money down.
  ☺ Modern Phone System and Equipment.
  ☺ No Annual System Fees.
  ☺ All equipment has a warranty and if breaks is replaced.
  ☺ Includes SIP Trunk Dialtone with NO TOLLS in 48 states.
  ☺ Less credit check. Easier for new companies.

Why do people hate the Could?
  ☹ Most sales folks focus on their commission and are rarely seen or heard of again.
  ☹ Tend to rent/purchase the cheapest light duty phone models.
  ☹ Sometimes internet dialtone does not work out and can't use local service.
  ☹ If internet is down you can't call another internal user or page phones or overhead
  ☹ Stripped down system with few custom keys.
  ☹ Many codes and drill down menus vs buttons.
  ☹ Often you get refurbished equipment
  ☹ Cloud help center full of simple minds who pass you around and do call-backs.
  ☹ Cloud help center use $2/hr off-shore workers that can be difficult to talk to.
  ☹ Different folks work on your system every time and keep little memory or history.
  ☹ Must keep system simple otherwise next Cloud Tech will mess it up.
  ☹ Internal calls or paging chew up massive amounts of your internet.

How does a NEC Rental System work?

You commit for 3 to 5 years. We work out a down (even no money down) and monthly payments. NEC wills send you a brand new Flagship SV9100 system and all new phones. It will have warranty for the length of the term. It will have updates available for the lenth of the term. All phones are VoIP (like all CLOUDs) and are 100% backlight with electronic labeling of keys. 8+8+8+8 programmable keys. Includeds NEC SIP-Trunks phone service with no Tolls in 48 states. Support from your local vendor with choice of flat rate or ala-carte. Installed and serviced by your local dealer. Billed directly by NEC.