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Samsung Business Phone Systems

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Parker removes Samsung as recommendation:

Samsung had some cool concepts (eg wireless in every phone and Samsung integrated wireless access points). However, in 2018 we have seen Samsung Telecom shrink its support and commitments. At this time we have withdrawn Samsung from our new system recomendation.

Samsung is a world wide provider of business telephone systems. Samsung has been a USA provider since the 1980's. Samsung is the largest electronics company in the world and is ranked number 7-14 (depending on date and whos list) in the worlds largest companies. Samsung's smart phones are the most popular in the world.

Samsungs flagship business phone system is the SCM. It is a fresh platform less than 2 years old (platforms industry wide seem to last about 10 years). Currently it comes in two sizes: SCMe with up to 4000 phones per system, and SCMc with up to 500 phones per system. Both can network sites together into a larger system. The SCMc is competing well in even the smallest 4-8 phone sites.

The SCMe or SCMc is both a premise VoIP and CLOUD system. Both platforms use the same software and hardware. This offers a great benefit as it allows companies to be able to switch from premise to cloud or back depending upon their needs and wants. This capability is very rare in the industry and protects the customers investment.

The SCMe or SCMc comes with a powerful built-in ACD (automatic call center. All representatives are busy please stand by and your call will be answered in the order received). The built in system even with its optional add-ons runs off the the base phone system and does not require separte servers for ACD, Reporting, or GUI.

Although the SCM does not offer any digital phone gateways (a way to connect a digital phone on older or poor installed data cabling it offers an interesting alternative. Where other brands may offer an expensive wireless model or option, Samsung's most popular phones are both wired and wireless. Well SCM phones can use anyone's wireless access points it is desgined best to work with Samsung's enterprise wireless access point and controller family. So a wireless Samsung installation offers corded quality without requireing top quality data cabling or a second data drop. Think about the flexibily a phone that can be moved to any location without having to worry about cabling. Of course the enterprise level Samsung wireless access points and controllers can also provide you data network needs as well with tight ingetration and Quality of Service (QOS).

The SCMe (e=Enterprise) was introduced first at Samsung's new large system flaghsip with up to 4000 phones per site and multiple sites. Samsung as a global provider of telecom offers powerful mult-site, multi country/continent capabilities. The SCMc (c=Compact) offers the exact same features in a smaller capacity model. Powerfull features are built in like standard ACD are built in and license free. Samsung does offer an advanced ACD for large call centers as well. The SCM only offers a few licenses where some brands the list is near endless.