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ESI Business Phone Systems

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ESI is a Texas based company with 30 years experience manufacturing their own equipremnt and phones just for the US market. ESI specializes in providing value and features for the small and medium size businesses with 3 platforms:
* Comm Server: a traditional slot based system allowing VoIP, Digital, and Analog sets
* IP900: a premise Router based model(with digital options too)
* CLOUD solution.
ESI phones are button heavy allowing keys and lights vs difficult to remember codes.

ESI (Both VoIP and Digital) will be serving the digital phone market for many years to come while other vendors are running exclusively to VoIP. This gives customers with bad VoIP experiences or poor cabling investment protection if they choose digital phones. ESI excels at bringing the best value to the Small Business Office. After seeing ESI phones in action you will understand why folks love them so.

ESI has been a competive thorn to our Toshiba business at the low end since the 1990's. You know the old saying... If you can't beat them ... Join them!

June 1st, 2018

ESI introduces the ePhone4 for premise: Color screen based Digital Electronic desi phone. Click the Telephones and Endpoints blue button above.

ESI Business Phone Platforms:

ESI Comm Server --> Comm Server in 4 sizes from 4 phones to up to 800 phones per site. Digital & VoIP. Limited smart phone apps.
ESI IP900 --> IP Server 900 - Up to 191 IP phones and/or up to 64 digital phones with all the smart phone apps.
ESI CLOUD --> ESI Cloud - Completely different from premise models. Coolest business phone on the market - Huge ouch screen and zero buttons!

ESI Premise Comm Server

ESI's Comm Server is a traditional slot based system. A dedicated ESI proprietary operating system offers non-stop service, no virus possibilites, and free software updates. Free software update means no annual fees, just the ocassional minor labor cost to update the sytem. There are some limitations with smart phone such as not being able to call from your smart phone showing your work phone number (This popular feature is available with the IP Server 900 and ESI Cloud platform). The Server 900 has the Comm Servers and IP Server 900 platforms are quite similar from the user point of view.

ESI Premise IP Server 900

ESI's IP 900 server is a 1U router style box that can have up to 196 phones. Unlike many competitors, the ESI IP900 VoIP system has up to 8 expansion slots natively to add traditional equipment such as digital phones (max 64), Analog CO lines, Analog stations, and T1/PRI dialtone.

ESI in the CLOUD

The ESI CLOUD system offers the coolest desk phone for your office at work or in the home. It has no buttons!!! Think of it as a giant smartphone on your desk. The ESI CLOUD is a completely different animal from the ESI premise systems (Com Server or IP900). Nothing moves in between and even usage is different. ESI CLOUD offers you low initial costs, feature rich solutions, includes dialtone, phones can be anywhere on the internet with a quality connection.

Talking Manual on premise systems:

Pressing the Program/Help key activates a talking manual. The phone system will orally walk you through programing. This can save you money if you like to tinker with your own system vs having your vendor (us) turnkey everything for you.

ACD included in ESI premise systems

ESI Premise systems include ACD functionality and includes "service observing" (management listening to agent calls) as well as basic reporting. An agent may log into 2 ACD groups at one time from a universe of 4. Loging on even to 2 groups can be done in a single keypress. The free ACD may be enhanced with optional Add-Ons like GUI Agent, GUI Supervisor, ACD enhanced reporting, and cradle to grave call recording.


ESI-Link allows you to network ESI phones premise systems together using your WAN network. Talk to other sites with the features you are familiar with in your own system. Eliminate long distance tolls. Get answers fast by contacting any employee at any site directly using 3 or 4 digit dialing. ESI-Link is included with the 50, 100, 200, 1000, IP900 systems. However, you need to provide voip channel hardware and licnesing.

Have an Older ESI Phone System ?

Most older phones can be moved to a modern ESI system. Many parts are still available for older ESI models. Give us a call and we will verify your options.

ESI Warranty:

ESI offers a 1 year warranty. At time of purchase you may extend the factory warranty to 5 years for an additional fee.

Software Assurance (aka Annual Fees):

Software based add-ons and VoIP systems (like the ESI IP 900) have to keep up with the constant changes in operating systems, smartphones, software vulurabilities (virus), etc. Software Assurance annual fees allow you to keep your software current with the newest features and security. ESI makes is easy with a 5yr plan from purchase. Once this completes you can prepay for the next 3 years.

The Comm Server base phone system does not have the bells and whistles and its core firmware cannot be hacked so requires no fees unless you add ad-ons. If the base Comm Server has an update you would like, simply pay the labor to have the firmware updated.

Software Assurance can also be prepaid for up to 5 years at time of purchase.