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Broadview is a top ten nationwide CLOUD PBX provider serving over 250,000 endpoints. Windstream is an supplier of internet servcies. Now they are the same company.


Parker removes BroadView/Windstream as recommendation:

Broadview/Windstream combined a large, powerful, and popluar VoIP CLOUD with a network company. We had hoped that this would offer a CLOUD system with options better than CLOUD over the general internet. Instead, it produced some severe growing pains. These resulted in sub standard installs which they did not stand behind. At this time we have withdrawn Broadview/Windstream from our new system recomendation.

Overview: Broadview CLOUD PBX product can be delivered over the general internet OR over Windstream managed internet. Winstream's SD-LAN (the new big thing) allows using several internet sources at once and dynaically using the best one for critical data like voice along with the contstant monitoring and reporting.

Broadview does not resell or OEM someone else CLOUD PBX system as many do. Instead they have designed it from the ground up. Broadview thus owns the code and pays no royalties to others for it use and can keep the price in control. Broadview encrypts the voice in every call (Most CLOUDS do not). Broadview uses their own propritary protocol. This keeps the hackers away who contcentrate on the majority who use open standards where it is easier to find weakneses.

Parker has negotiated a very flexible offering from Broadview allowing us to customizing your exact needs while minimizing your price. We can design in things like no-auto renew, but keep going month to month after the term. The term can be 2, 3, or 5 years with a 30 day moneyback guarantee. With each longer term adding to your discount. We can crank out several configurations all with the Parker "no sales presure" attitude. Both self-install and professional installation is offered. Since your busy during the working day, There is often a parker sales engineer available to walk you through options and generate quotes. 30 day moneyback guarantee.

We offer a free long term internet test to evualate any weaknesses in your company interent for voice delivery. Our tests are usually set for weeks vs minutes that our competitors offer. We offer the choice of Call Center 24hr support, a dedicated Parker Engineer who can be your champion and turnkey everthing, or you may self manage your site(s). There is some flexibility in all of this, but usually one cook in the kitchen is all you want.

Broadview offers about 20 models of phones to fit anyones needs and pricepoint. Phones can be wrapped into the montly price or quoted as a one time cost, or bring your own. We can also make you an offer on your old phones.

Broadview CLOUD Components

Business Desk Phones
Voice Mail
Auto Attendant
Music On Hold
Call Ring Groups: Ring Simultaneously, Ring one at a time, Monitor Groups - CoWorker status buttons
Pickup Groups
Business Cordless Phones
Business numbers, direct lines, Toll Free numbers
HD Meeting
Contact Center (All representatives are busy, you will be answered in the order received

Broadview CLOUID Wired Desk Phones

Broadview Phones

Color Touch Screen
48-Key (16 keys x 3), backlit
24-Key (8 keys x 3), backlit
16-key *8 keys x 2), opt backlit
Lobby Phone

Broadview offers both a portable cordless phone as well as a cordless desk phone. Here are the things you need to know:
+ Max of 6 phones per base station.
+ Max of 2 calls per phone.
+ Handle 4 simultaneous calls per base station.
+ Max of 2 base stations per location.
+ Max of 150 ft from base. However each site has unique limits.

Polycom Phones
VVX-600 16-line Color Touch Screen, optional Camera
VVX-500 12-line Color Touch Screen, optional Camera
VVX-410 12-line Color
VVX-400 12-line Color
VVX-310 6-line Color
VVX-300 6-line Color
VVX-201 2-line
VVX-101 2-line
6000 Conference Phone

Specialty Phones
Overhead Paging Interface
Analog Extension

Broadview CLOUD Apps

Google Chrome Click-to-Call
Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Mobile for Andrio/iOS
PC Console
HD Meeting Win/Mac/Android/iOS/Outlook
Softphone Win/Android/iOS


Base package includes:
$ Discounts at 3, 20, 50 users
$ 1 toll free with 1000 free then $.035/min
$ 1 free fax with 400 pages
$ 1 25-person HD Meeting
$ Activation and Training

Self-Install vs On-Site install
Extension with Voice Mail with transcription Box and direct phone number
Call Twinning
Mobile Softphone
PC Softphone
Connector (Google for work, Microsoft Office 365, Web based CRMs)
2nd Internet Circuit Auto Failover
Extension Call Recording
ACD Agent
ACD Queues


Feel free to call and get all your questions answered


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