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Phones for Comm Server and IP900 premise systems

Overview: ESI Digital and VoIP phones are interchangable between the Comm Server and IP 900 platforms. ESI SIP phones are only for the IP900. With the proper configuration, analog phones may be also connected. ESI business phone models generally give the same user features and interactions for both digital and VoIP option. Some VoiP models offer both 100MB and GB options. All ESI phones are backlit! Discounts for 4 packs and bundling with the initial system are often available.


ESI 60ESI 55ESI 30Cordless 3
TypeDig/GB-IPDig/IP optGB*Dig/SIPDig/IP
Key LabelsElectronicPaperPaperElectronic
PrgKeys16x3 banks30128
Add 60sYesYesNoNo

Extra Buttons for phones 55 & 60:

Door Phone/ RFID Badge Reader and choice of fobs:

Phones for the ESI CLOUD

ESI ePhone 7ESI ePhone4