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ESI Business Phone Platforms:

ESI Comm Server --> Comm Server in 6 sizes from up to 8 phones to up to 800 phones per site. Digital & VoIP. Limited smart phone apps.

ESI IP900 --> IP Server 900 - Up to 196 IP phones including up to 64 digital phones with all the smart phone apps.

ESI CLOUD --> ESI Cloud - Completely different from premise models. Coolest business phone on the market - Huge touch screen and zero buttons!

ESI Premise System Selected Features matrix

v Feature v
CS 50 CS 100 CS200 CS1000 Server 900
Max VoIP Phones 12 72 192 816 196
Max Digital Phones 32 48 168 504 64
Max Analog Phones 8 28 56 384 32
Max Lines 35 42 84 240 127
yes yes yes yes yes
Find Me Follow Me yes
Call from cell using work number yes
Ring Desk & Cell yes yes yes yes yes
Line to Sites yes yes yes yes yes
VM Chan /
VM Hours
6/30 8/140
128/1,200 32/140

Note an older CS 50L can be upgraded to a CS 50 with a license.

Popular ESI Premise System Features

☺ Every system includes voice mail and auto-attendant.
☺ All phones are Backlit for easy viewing.
☺ Include ACD system with basic reports. Optional enhancements.
☺ You may add VoIP Phones to traditional platform (Comm Server).
☺ Visual Voice Mail on ESI Model 60 Desi-less phone.
☺ You may add Digital Phones to VoIP platform (IP 900).
☺ Confirm and/or Change your voice mail greeting at the press of a button.
☺ Quick page keys pages over phones / overhead to tell a user they have a call.
☺ Talking Help Button walks you through personal and system programing (if authorized).
☺ Any system can be configured to use any type of phone service: POTs, PRI, SIP, T1, etc.
☺ Any system can be configured to have analog stations.
☺ Integrated RFID doorphones with access keyfob/badges vs physical keys to doors.
☺ Integrated door access can auto change a users call handling for in/out of building.
☺ 1yr standard warranty. Optional 5yr warranty and/or software updates.
☺ An older 50L can be turned into a full 50 with licensing.

ESI Premise Communications Server (aka CS aka Comm Server)

ESI CS 50ESI CS 100ESI CS 200ESI CS 1000

ESI's Comm Server is a traditional slot based system. CS 200 cards can be shared with 200/1000 cards with adapater. A dedicated ESI proprietary operating system offers non-stop service, no virus possibilites, and free software updates. Free software updates, means no annual fees, just the ocassional minor labor cost to update the sytem. There are some limitations with smart phone such as not being able to call from your smart phone showing your work's phone number (This popular feature is available with the IP Server 900 and ESI Cloud platform). The Server 900 has the Comm Servers and IP Server 900 platforms are quite similar from the user point of view.

50L System: (discontinued)You can expand the 50L with 4line x 8 phone x 2 analog stations cards to reach a max of 16x32. However, adding other options like ASC (for Mobile Messaging aka voice mail to .wav emailed), or SIP trunks fill the slots that are also used for line/phone expansion. You may add Mobile Messageing (requires ASC card), ESI Presence (RFID Door Access / Door phones), Call Accounting, VIP-7, and Clickto Dial Add-Ons. 50L is restricted from using ACD, PRI, SIP-Trunks, VoIP phones, Multi-Tennants, 4 digit extensions, and Esi-Link networking of systems). A 50L can be turned into a full 50 with licensing.

50L Hardware: (discontinued)
* Built in 482 (4 lines by 8 digital phones x 2 analog stations)
* Built in expansion slot
* Additional 482 cards
* ASC card (For Mobile Messaging - voice mail to emailed .wav file)
* Expansion Cabinet with 2 additional slots (4 total)

50 System: The 50 also has a 4 line / 8 station / 2 analog card built it. The 50 includes ACD. It may be licensed for up to 12 IP ports (local or remote VoIP phones and Esi-Link networking. The 50 may be expanded with PRI, SIP-Trunks, additional 4line / 8 digital / 2 analog station cards, ASC card (required for Mobile Messageing and Media storage). The 50 includes 16 conference channels, and up to 1000 extra mailboxes (4 digit extension scheeme), 10 departemnts and 2 tenants.

50 Hardware:
* Built in 482 (4 lines by 8 digital phones x 2 analog stations)
* Built in expansion slot
* Additional 482 cards
* PRI card with 8 digital phones & 2 analog stations
* ASC card (For Mobile Messaging - voice mail to emailed .wav file) and Media Storage (Call Recording/Video)
* Expansion Cabinet with 2 additional slots (4 total)
* SIPT card (8 or 24 channels)

100 System: The 100 can't accept 50L/50 station cards but can accept the 50 expansion cabinet.100 cards with an adapater can move forward to the 200/1000 models.

100 Hardware:
* starts as an empty cabinet with 2 slots
* 684: 6 analog lines by 8 digital stations by 4 analog astations
* 612: 6 analog lines by 12 digital stations
* D12: 12 digital stations
* A12: 12 analog stations
* DLC: PRI, 0 / 12 digital stations
* 6ALC: 6 analog lines
* ASC Card (For Mobile Messaging - voice mail to emailed .wav file and Media Storage (call Recording/Video.
* SIPT 8/24: SIP Trunks
* IVC 24IP/24EsiLink/12IP & 12EsiLink
* Expansion Cabinet with 2 additional slots (4 total)

200 System: The 200 is a rack or wall cabinet with power supplies, CPU, and 7 slots and a max of 1 expansion cabinet.

200/1000 Hardware:
* Same cards configurations as the 100 but with attached to the hot-swap face for 200/1000 usage.
* Mirrored Mmemory Option: 2nd hard drive for Raid-1 (Mirror).

1000 System:The 1000 is a rack or wall cabinet with power supplies, CPU and 7 slots and a max of 5 expansion cabinets.

200/1000 Hardware:
* Same cards configurations as the 100 but with attached to the hot-swap face for 200/1000 usage.
* 1000 includes the Mirror Memory Raid-1 option.

ESI Premise IP Server 900

ESI's IP 900 server is a 1U router style box that can have up to 196 VoiP phones plus digital/analog phones. Unlike many competitors, the ESI IP900 VoIP system has up to 8 expansion slots natively to add traditional equipment such as digital phones (max 64), Analog CO lines, Analog stations, and T1/PRI dialtone.

As with most VoIP based premise systems that interact with computers and smart phones, annual fees are strongly suggested to stay current with operating system and smart phone changes. Network up to 100 remote sites into one large system with Esi-Link. With proper licensing you can even bring your old brand x SIP phones. However, most find the feature benefits of a proprietary phone far outweigh the cost savings of bringing the old phones. However, to spread costs out over time it can be a stepping stone.

IP900 Hardware:
* 1U 19" wide Master Conrol Unit with 4 module capacity.
* T1/PRI module
* Digital 8 phone module
* Analog 4 station module
* Analog 4 line module
* 4 carrier module to allow modules 5-8
* 64 additional VoIP call capacity (base already has 63 channel capacity)
* G729a Compression module for bandwith starved pipes (seldom used).

ESI in the CLOUD

The ESI CLOUD system offers the coolest desk phone for your office at work or in the home. It has no buttons!!! Think of it as a giant smartphone on your desk. Check out the this video for ESI's CLOUD phone ePhone7 :

ESI's CLOUD system allows a low cost entry and a system that is always maintained for you. Note that a premise system, in the long term, can be less expensive, even including the required phone service. ESI's CLOUD has no updates for you to purchase or perform, no equipment to break, backup, or manage. The brains of the phone systems is in ESI's CLOUD data center and is their worry not yours. Place your phones anywhere on the internet that has a quality internet connection. This lends it self well to at home workers, disaster recovery, and multiple sites.

Note that the ESI CLOUD system has nothing in common in either hardware or feature implementation with that of ESI premise systems (Com Server and IP 900).